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31-05-2006, 20:33:15
DropTeam Pre-Orders now open!

We have now officially announced the release date for our "realistic" Sci-Fi tactical combat game "DropTeam" for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms! The game will be available as a download on June 1st, 2006! Pre-orders are now being accepted, and customers are able to not only secure an early copy, but save $10 as well! With each pre-order, you will not only get to download the game immediately on June 1st but you will also get the CD version by mail a couple of weeks later at no extra cost!

A free multiplayer "public test" demo for all three platforms is currently available for those who want to check out the game, and a new "gold" demo will be released soon. Check out www.battlefront.com for more details!

31-05-2006, 20:43:17
Call me when they figure out CM 2 or whatever the hell they're going to call it.