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31-05-2006, 13:32:54
Chips with everything. (http://www.spychips.com/press-releases/verichip-immigration.html)

You didn't protest when they threatened to put them in clothes and other products yesterday. After all what's to protest about ? What do you have to hide ? Folk being able to track you and see what you have ? That's just paranoid.

Today they debate putting them in people, but hey : it's ok, it's only for them damn furriners. Have to keep tabs of them anyway. They're not important.

Tomorrow they pass the legislation and start implants. Well that's fine, don't know why they didn't do it ages ago and get some decent control over these people.

Soon either you get one or you don't participate in society any more. No employment, no state benefits, effectively no longer legitimate.

After that it's too late, society is changed, and you are there for the sake of the state (or those running it), it's not there for you. How could you have been so muddle headed to believe otherwise ? Eastern Europe had it right all along.

Or maybe not. Perhaps I ought to just buy shares in Gillette razor blades. There may just be another use for them soon.

"Our country was founded on getting fingerprinted and DNAed, and doing as we are told. We're betting that the people will roll over yet again on this one." said Albrecht. "We also believe the people of Latin America will lap it up just to come here for employment."

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
31-05-2006, 13:56:09
Where do I sign up? I'll be just like the Terminator!

31-05-2006, 21:37:05
So? They want to chip kids and old people and people getting medical treatment. Indeed, they have in several pilot programs. We knew that was coming when they started chipping dogs and cats. Now, many cities in the US require that you chip your dog, and have been talking about chipping all the city residents, so they can easily "service" the citizenry when they go to get a city service. Like, pay your taxes on your car, house, driver's license, apply for an alcohol license for your new club, etc etc etc.

The EU and the UK have both proposed in their first phase of chipping that anyone who ever goes through a customs facility (and eventually, all its citizenry), and they've both been in talks with the US about setting up compatible systems to make travel and tracking very easy. After all, it's much easier to manipulate chips in passports then chips in your chest. (Right now, they chip your arm, but that's too easy to get at and replace.)

01-06-2006, 08:27:39
Deep surgery eh ? Seems too much trouble for a general requirement for all citizens. Wonder how much of an EMF pulse you need to have to put these suckers out of action. Must beat surgery.

01-06-2006, 20:31:40
Well, implanting into your chest would be easy. It would be the getting out part that no cypher-punk has figured out how to trivialize.

Most EMFs won't put them out of action. But you can defeat them just with tinfoil (if they are in a convinently shieldable location, like your arm), and you can easily reprogram them from up to 8 feet away easily. So get chipped, then go out on the shadow-cypher boards, and get Tony Blair's codes. Upload those into your chip, and bam! You are now Tony Blair. Congrats. But I would suggest that you not use his codes to access his bank account. The police will be watching for that sort of activity.

But, pick someone a bit down the social ladder, with enough money to make them worth your trouble, but not enough political power that anyone else would care, nor enough actual money to subscribe to a decent constant credit watcher, and live off their identity for 20 or so days. Then move on to the next.

See, that's why they need to bury it somewhere not easily shieldable (imagine having to wear a tinfoil SHIRT rather then an easily hidden tinfoil arm band), and protected by as much meat as possible so that the requirements for hacking the chip go up past something can easily fit into a match box or cigarette pack, as it requires more power to penetrate to the chip so that it can be hacked.