View Full Version : Driving Lesson Number 2

19-05-2006, 15:17:34
Did emergency stops and junctions.

Emergency stops, I was shiting myself! Junctions were ok, almost crashed because a car pulled out of nowhere, but that wasn't my fault! Oh and I almost killed the engine when I first got in the car, as i put it from 1st to 4th, not realising the gearstick centres its self :p

But that's only my second lesson, I'm getting better I think :/

19-05-2006, 15:52:28
No you're not - you'll never pass. Give up now.

19-05-2006, 16:01:30

19-05-2006, 16:32:21
I'm getting a new car in the next few weeks - going to get a Jaguar XJ6. They're dirt cheap <1000 and you can get them on classic car insurance for <500 at Lancaster Insurance. Not bad for a 4.0L Straight 6

19-05-2006, 16:41:42
Well I'm getting a pug106 :(