View Full Version : Eve just went loopy

17-05-2006, 17:38:02
came out of warp, no asteroids in the asteroid belt. Pulled up the scanner and found roids and two pirates. Looked around - nothing on screen, nothing on overview. went back to scanner switched to a narrow beam to try and localise the pirates. While I'm doing this my ship suddenly catches fire, despite showing full shields. armor and hull. 5 seconds later I get a eve mail saying my ship's been destroyed by the pirates.

That will be the ship I'm still sitting in then, with full damage.

Then I warp to a safe spot (in my apparently dead ship) to figure out whats up. When I come out of warp I try to go to a station only to be told my ship is out of control.

I submit a stuck petition and as I hit submit a server reboot is announced.

yes ladies and gents the new eve server is borked big time.

I jsut hope I get the ship refunded as otherwise I'm in the middle of low sec in a pod. (and 6 mill down)

17-05-2006, 17:51:34
That's good news, because I probably wasn't going to be able to play tonight anyway.

17-05-2006, 17:52:23
I am sure there is some sort of way to have things fixed by the admins..


17-05-2006, 17:58:06
I'm concerned that usually you only get the ship returned - I had some nice T2 mods on that cruiser that will be hard ot replace out in solitude.

Lurker the Second
17-05-2006, 18:20:44
were they player pirates or npcs? If npcs, you might be able to recover some mods if you can find a ship to go back in.

17-05-2006, 18:44:24
NPCs - everybody on the server was having wacky problems. With a bit of lucky they will just revert the server a few monutes and that will solve the issue

17-05-2006, 18:48:18
I got the ship and mods back but its at 5% structure and armor. So I have to go and find some hull reppers... Better than nothing I guess

Lurker the Second
17-05-2006, 20:17:33
and then go kill those bastard rats who shot you up, damn them.

Skanky Burns
17-05-2006, 20:35:01
/me is glad he wasn't playing at the time

18-05-2006, 03:11:09
Think I picked a nice time for a break....

18-05-2006, 04:11:40
The game misses you.

18-05-2006, 05:20:37
Our plan is working chag. Now we're certain not to be behind when we rejoin.