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15-05-2006, 16:42:03
Hammered a bit and nothing to do for 2 hours so CG

Ok this constitues the ongoing raving un-adventures of paiktis. Intigenous speciment with differantiating circumstances as ever on the perpetual quest to see where he fits and who he is, what are his limitations and capabilities.
Left recently from one relationship where the word blowjob acquired a new eye watering shining blinding meaning and for that in a state of lingering nostalgia and false erotic longing.

Guinea pig speciment #2. Cute outspoken (read: unbelievably free foul mouth) 10 years younger razor sharp no baggage involved girl who for some exotic reason got possessed by an unshameless fascination for said old fart.

Setting the scenery: phones, sms (my weakness) on a daily basis. And me not quite sure. Different worlds. That's not very difficult since I'm in one and the majority of people are in another. After my glorious return to the motherland I decided to call her and make a difference. Expectedly, we set a date. Only I didn't know that the date involved we going out with her brother (military man - for some reason I've always felt a mixture of haughtiness and dislike towards said men - social racist feeling for sure). But splendid guy nevertheless. Other participants in this oh so greek adventure his very near future to be girlfriend (proffessional dancer) another guy (professional dancer too) and childhood friend of girl in question (although her childhood is not so far away - 20 years old). Branded hooligan enthousiast of large greek football team but down to earth holds a job does her studies kind of girl. Did I mention outspoken. Which is a change out of the doctorate smooth talking characters I frequent. BTW I'm characterised as a cunt in her eyes in some obsence fashion that I think hides an affectionate meaning inside it. But go figure.
Anyway, club in some beat down poor suburb of Athens. Songs playing there. My god, the ones that make me wish I was born deaf, and cheerfulness in authentic low down greek style. Fish out of the water so much that even her girlfriend said "look where he's got his cute ass mingled now!" refering to me if it wasn't clear enough. Everyone was dancing to that horride music with even more flesh crawling lyrics and the two professional dancers were not simply dancing but waving magic with their bodies, that was a sight to see and feel that you had at least another more fordable excuse for not daring to enter the dancing floor. IF my word isn;t good enough I present the fact that in every club that we wen to, and there were several, all the owners without exception offered all of the gang free drinks so the two dancers could stay. They brought raging life to all the clubs. Somewhere in the hazy midst of that horrible music and uncountable dirty free drinks the relationship between military man and dancer chich was forged, then another one between the male dancer and some barwoman was rekindled and there was me, with the hottie 20 year old and my out of the water self. I believe my reluctance to join the dancing categorized me as somewhat problematic as was my tiny reluctance to engage in acts of bodily exchange with the babe in front of the brother of said babe. Several dirty free drinks later and as the sun was tired of waiting for me and wa begining to rise I did manage to surrender a pathetic version of what some very generous critic might describe as ressembling greek dance and the generous applause of the company, and we went to another down low suburb of Athens where we ate some bird flue chickens. Needless to say we were all driving under very heavy influence and had God on our side and the police patrols away. It was a miracle how I managed to arrive home seeing as everyhing was getting ready to be multiplied by two on the road. Although getting home is an ephemism as the first 3 hours of sleeping were made inside the car becaus my 1.80 m organism had reached its nearly maximum top endurance. I woke up basically beause of lack of oxygen and made my way upstairs where I crashed untill the late hours of the next afternoon.
And hence a dilema arises. What to do with the babe. Completely different worlds. Name it, it's different. Yet I am possessed by a yearning to see her again.

16-05-2006, 05:52:37
Bibere venenum in auro .

16-05-2006, 08:15:40
awesome. you should blog it paiktis, don't let it slip into the black hole of counterpoint.

and as for the girl - always, always pursue hotties, whatever the cost

16-05-2006, 08:34:03
nice story, I liked it

I concur with KG. Whatever the complications are, it will be much more damning not to sleep with her (most of the regrets come from not doing something, as opposed to doing it)

Greg W
16-05-2006, 09:33:29
I suggest when she calls you a cunt next time - you tell her it's only cos you want hers so much.

I'm a smoothie, I know. ;)

16-05-2006, 12:36:57
I have to read that writing aloud (in silence) to keep track.

Greg W
16-05-2006, 13:08:02
Aloud in silence? :lol:

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If the 20 year old is only a bit younger then Paiktis, how young is this original girl he's chasing? 11?

17-05-2006, 05:15:40
Drink poison from a golden cup.

Greg W
17-05-2006, 05:20:51
Originally posted by Darkstar
If the 20 year old is only a bit younger then Paiktis, how young is this original girl he's chasing? 11? I think you should re-read that. This girl is 10 years younger than him, and is 20. Well, that's the way I read it anyway.

17-05-2006, 08:23:48
Yes, that's what he meant.

17-05-2006, 21:44:01
Why would I re-read it? Once was too much! It's like the Mr.G postbot and the Darkstar postbot got their code interlocked, and out came that post!