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10-05-2006, 03:38:51
Since I can't play them, I can talk about them!

Anyone following Vanguard? What does it seem to be like (since working with SOE)?

Also, SEED is suppose to launch this month, anyone following it?

Jon Miller

10-05-2006, 03:43:13
Darkfall also looks like it might be neat.

I will talk to the admins of the apartment complex to see if I can get net early.. (I don't think they want to give us net until a good portion of the complex is hooked up, but I have been hooked up for almost two weeks now, and the people hooking up buildings are ~1/8 of the way done)

(I want to play EVE also..)

10-05-2006, 23:13:42
VG has only been with SOE for 4 days or so. I follow VG pretty closely, and I have been confirmed in beta for a long time but my phase has not been given access yet (bastards).

And they aren't working with them for any development at all. SOE is only running their servers and adverts. No customer service, no content, no programming, etc.

Centara Fugue
17-05-2006, 23:12:02
I didn't find any reviews of SEED, though one site I found said it has no combat, so it is more of a thinking man's mmo, maybe (or maybe I'm mistaken about the combat).

Vanguard isn't out yet and neither is Darkfall, correct?

I read reviews of Horizons: Empires of Istaria, and I came away with the feeling that it is just a generic fantasy RPG with nothing special about it except a nice crafting system, which could be cool. The graphics appear to be on par with Anarchy Online (they suck), and there were one or two reviews that said the landscape is pretty sparsely populated, also like AO. The skill system is neat. As in EVE and SWG, you can do everything if you want, so you don't have to make a new character. There is a penalty for learning a bunch though, as I think you get less XP the more general you become, or something like that. Death is almost free. You get death points that go away with time, so if you die a bunch, just log off and come back the next day for no penalty.

I also read some reviews of the Saga of Ryzom, and it sounds pretty good. The graphics are beautiful, the wildlife is interactive and plentiful (as in SWG of old), and the crafting and skill system is deep. The complaints I heard about that one were that there isn't any story to speak of and no missions other than stuff you're doing anyway. It seems like it would be a massively multiplayer online hunting simulation (MMOHS), in which you make up challenges for yourself or a group, like taking out a whole herd of Storgles or the Great Dreaded Wumpus. Then you split the remains and make yourself a Greater Wumpus Dagger from them. This one also lets you do whatever you like freely, so you can make a character and learn whatever you want, and there's no penalty like the one in Horizons. If you die, you get XP debt, but it isn't all that much I think.

Of the two, I would lean toward trying Ryzom I guess. I'm probably up for trying either one, though.

17-05-2006, 23:40:31
Horizons was a game that was supposed to be revolutionary, was highly anticipated, then something like 8 months to release there was a big fight and all the devs left. The game came out as a weird mix of neat ideas and really neat ideas that were changed at the end and implemented poorly.

You can do everything, but no one does. The penelties to exp are far far too extreme.

The game has supposedly shaped up a lot since release, but they only have a few thousand subs.

Centara Fugue
18-05-2006, 18:07:48
When I think about what I end up enjoying in these games, I think Ryzom might fit me pretty well. In Guild Wars, I just tried different combinations of skills and went "farming" for loot by killing mobs in different areas. Sounds like that's what Ryzom is all about, except instead of loot, you get raw materials for making neat items. The different combinations of Guild Wars skills would correspond to the stanzas you make in Ryzom to chain attacks together, and that could be a neat system to play with. Ryzom does collision detection just like Guild Wars, so there is more strategy involved in moving around, too.

19-05-2006, 05:11:58
i still play ffxi ...going on 3 years. game keeps getting harder and more addictive.

19-05-2006, 17:08:53
I tried it 3ish years ago (on release?)

I didn't really make any freinds, and quit it after not that long (I don't think my monk even got past lvl 15)

a freind tried it recently, and found it too dated


Centara Fugue
25-05-2006, 05:28:39
Jon, Arlanna, and I are all trying Saga of Ryzom. I like it a good deal so far. The skill system is nice and complicated, and the characters I've made have both been generalists so far. If anybody else decides to take the plunge and wants to get in touch with us in the game, John and Arlanna both have the same names as in EVE, but mine are Marna and Frea. I'll be away from computer for about a week this coming week, but hope to see you all back in EVE afterward.

Centara Fugue
12-06-2006, 15:44:47
Hmmm, guess I'll reply to myself and see if anybody notices.

I'm playing Saga of Ryzom a good bit (haven't stopped playing EVE). I am a Fyros named Frea, and I joined a guild called Eleytheria whose goals are helping each other out and allowing the members freedom to choose what they want to do. So far I like the skill system in Ryzom pretty well. The 4 skill trees are all pretty different from one another.

One thing I've noticed is that many of the skills are just bigger versions of earlier skills. For instance, there's a starter offensive magic spell called Acid Damage 1. As you gain levels in offensive magic, you can get Acid Damage 2, 3, 4, etc. The only difference is that the higher ones do more damage and cost more. There is a similar spell for each of the elemental damage types. Different damage types work better on different mobs, so you'll probably end up having 4 more or less identical skill sets eventually, each doing a different damage type. The neat thing is that you can mix and match parts of the abilities. For instance, you could get the next better acid spell, and then you have this range credit that makes a spell cheaper by sacrificing range. You can make all your lower spells free to cast by making them melee range, or you can switch spells from using sap (manna) to using your hp (good when you have a healer around and there's a good tank to keep aggro).

I went on a "trek" with my guild yesterday. They gave me some cash and a set of light armor (for casting) and I helped out by doing the little piddly heal I can cast. We started in the Fyros starting city, where I bought 2 portal tickets (so I can teleport there directly from anywhere), then we went across the land carefully avoiding most of the mobs that aggro on sight, or just killing them, and I bought portal tickets everywhere we stopped. By the end, I had tickets for 6 or 7 places in two different racial regions (we ended in the Zorai home city and the regions thereabout). After the patch, I think they'll take me on a trek to the Matis region so I can hook up with Jon and team with him some before he quits playing.

After the trek, the group I was with settled in for some hunting. We all stood in one spot except for one person who ran up and pulled individual difficult mobs. We were on the edge of the "goo," which is this substance that is taking over the land. The mobs we were killing give the maximum xp per kill (3000 xp to all party members, regardless of level). I just stood back and healed during each fight. The problem with it was that it reminded me a bit too much of killing hecklers on the brink in the Shadowlands of Anarchy Online. There would be hours and hours of mindless repetitive gameplay for the purpose of gaining levels, for what? Why, for going to the next higher region of the Shadowlands, finding a spot on the brink there, and doing it all over again. I'm concerned that Ryzom, like AO, lacks a bit in the mission department. It has the crappiest missions I've seen in a game since AO, and it also lacks instanced dungeons, something that AO had. What Ryzom does have is social wildlife, and that makes for more interesting hunting, but I'm not sure it's that much better, seeing as you end up doing the same kind of thing you do in AO to level. Ryzom has some story, in the form of special events that are held often, but I wonder if they're actually worth doing. There was one this weekend, but the group I was with decided to go grind on the brink, er, I mean by the goo, instead.

After saying all that, you might think I am not liking the game. The thing is, I do like it pretty well so far. The people are friendly, the world is big and pretty and I don't know anything about it, and the skill system is interesting. There's currently a 4-day patch (you heard me right, they're taking the servers down for 4 days and crediting everybody's accounts with playtime) to implement the beginning of what they call the "Ryzom Ring," which is this content creation system so you can make your own scenarios. I think that will be the beginning of some actual interesting content, and perhaps a large amount of it. Neverwinter Nights did pretty well on that model, especially if you stuck with the modules with high scores on the module sites. I'm probably going to hang in there and see what that turns out to be. It could be revolutionary (I believe no other MMO game has really done it), and it could be good, or it could turn out to be just ok. This patch doesn't fully implement the ring, but it gives the ability for players from different servers to eventually participate in the same ring content.

That was a long ramble about the game I'm playing most right now. Jon are you playing anymore? Has anyone else tried it or want to try it? One of the big things coming with this long patch is a new newbie area, promising more content for the starting player and less confusion, as well as a new free trial. After whatever bugs are worked out, it might be a really good time to give the game a try (hint hint). If you like crafting, exploration, freedom from classing, and some hardcore leveling (lots of levels), this is probably one you would like.

12-06-2006, 15:55:48
Originally posted by Centara Fugue

After the trek, the group I was with settled in for some hunting. We all stood in one spot except for one person who ran up and pulled individual difficult mobs. We were on the edge of the "goo," which is this substance that is taking over the land. The mobs we were killing give the maximum xp per kill (3000 xp to all party members, regardless of level). I just stood back and healed during each fight. The problem with it was that it reminded me a bit too much of killing hecklers on the brink in the Shadowlands of Anarchy Online. There would be hours and hours of mindless repetitive gameplay for the purpose of gaining levels, for what? Why, for going to the next higher region of the Shadowlands, finding a spot on the brink there, and doing it all over again.

The scenario you describe is painfully familiar and it is what turned me off of FFXI in the end.

Most of the good stuff, the story driven stuff, was only available at higher levels and with larger groups. But to get there you had to go through tedium personified.

Still, before i knew better it was still quite fun. You end up chatting a lot to your group because you hardly need your brain for the gameplay.

Centara Fugue
12-06-2006, 21:08:32
I've tried several MMORPGs. In chronological order:

Anarchy Online
Guild Wars
City of Heroes
EVE Online
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Saga of Ryzom
World of Warcraft

I watched other people play Everquest II, and that seems like a good one to try. Which ones have folks tried and how would you rate them? My comments on the ones I've tried:

Anarchy Online - most time played, but far too much grind as you get to the higher levels. Most of the player base levels as fast as possible by killing the same mob (hecklers) over and over for ~140 levels (from 80 to 220), making for rather repetitive gameplay.
Guild Wars - best story and gameplay, prettiest
City of Heroes - best character creation, good gameplay and neat 3d world, pretty good story
EVE Online - most genuine feeling of dislike for opposing faction (the pirates in my case... I actually want to kill them, not just from a RP standpoint, the dirty rat bast...), best economy, varied gameplay from ship to ship and task to task, cool skill system
Dungeons and Dragons Online - not terribly well done... smallest world
Saga of Ryzom - the freedom is good (cool skill system like EVE) and the world is a neat place to run around in, but not enough variety in gameplay. Anarchy Online is better, and that game was around long before Ryzom came out.
World of Warcraft - lots of quests and solo content, many ways to focus your character and make it different, good fun but perhaps not as deep as some of the others

Please let me know what you think of the ones you've tried, or if my opinions sound like your own, what you are playing now, so that I may join you!

12-06-2006, 22:37:41
i've pulled myself out. i'm in mmo rehab atm. it was taking over my life.

13-06-2006, 07:48:44
I played planetside for a few months. that was a really good game till they screwed it up with the BFRs. Had the most intense combat I've seen, better than BF1942/BF2. Real teamplay too.

Sadly its now fading fast.

I know what you mean about the pirates centara... but our firepower is growing....

13-06-2006, 11:45:26
UO - my first mmo.

pluses: big world, nice learning curve, nice people, lots of places to explore but not much to do other than kill stuff. interesting skill system. you can have your own home which is cool.

minuses: shit graphics, shit lag, some skills grossly overpowered, not much of an endgame


pluses: cool world design, classic ff professions, chocobos, good global faction competition element

minuses: no soloing, very unforgiving, requires hardcore devotion, requires major grinding, not much mob variety

city of heroes

pluses: easy to pick up and play, satisfying at low levels, nice story arcs, feels like a living world

minuses: still a grind


pluses: casual friendly, nice graphic design, pretty zones, lots of quests, lots of endgame content, good pvp

minuses: still a grind, bad pvp ranking system, horde/alliance imbalance can be annoying

i played some of swg beta but the game is now pretty much unrecognisable from what i played

13-06-2006, 12:21:51
Playing WoW at the moment. ;)

Really, really interested in the Warhammer MMO after seeing that E3 video.

Vanguard, CoH, CoV, and any other game with a corpse run/xp loss on death can lick my balls and die in the resulting fire.

13-06-2006, 13:03:08
I have played (in Chrono Order):

FFXI - was pretty at the time, but very confusing and hard to get into, and the down time to heal was rediculous
COH - fun for a while, but then I got tired of it, my character couldn't solo at all (Actually I had to leave it.. and when I returned I didn't get back into it)
AO - Had really cool people, I was into this off and on for the longest time (almost a year, and I payed for it for 1.5 years)
EQ2 - Had nice graphics and a good system, but I couldn't find a good group to play with.
SWG - I gave this a try like 3 times, but from horrible horrible lag, to other issues I never really got into it (First with one freind, then with my brother, then with Venom/Lurker)
GW - Good and I still sometimes play, not a true MMO though.
WOW - A lot of fun, but I quit when I realised I hadn't played for a while, I was basically outleveled by the people I enjoyed playing with.
COV - Good fun, but then I got busy and never got back into it.
EVE - a great Sapceship/Empire Sim, I still enjoy it.
SoR - I didn't find anyone cool in it (but maybe I didn't search enough), a living world like SWG.

Jon Miller

Greg W
03-07-2006, 06:04:49
Don't know if you heard HK (and any others who may be interested), but they're starting a new server in EQ. It's classic EQ, pre any expansions, but when you kill certain "boss" mobs, further expansions are enabled (so, kill Naggy and Vox to get to Kunark for instance).

03-07-2006, 08:26:18

Greg W
03-07-2006, 11:30:21
Er, that might be the one. :cute:

Centara Fugue
11-07-2006, 05:41:02
Well, I gave up on Saga of Ryzom. The thing I did most during the time I played reminded me way too much of killing hecklers on the brink in Shadowlands in Anarchy Online. Endlessly killing the same mob just to get to the next level and the next-better version of the same skill isn't all that great. The game's pretty, and the skill system is really neat, but the gameplay is too repetitive.

On the bright side, I'm still enjoying EVE pretty well. Anybody who hasn't tried it should give it a go, and several of us on here play, so you'll have company.

04-08-2006, 01:03:13
Any EQ2 players here?

04-08-2006, 10:17:07
I currently don't have an active EQ2 subscription, but I do tend to play it for a month or two once in a while just to check out what's changed. EQ2 was terrible on release, but has really improved big time since then. For some reason it still can't hold my interest for long though - may have something to with me having trouble finding a decent guild.

Centara Fugue
08-08-2006, 13:00:10
I did my 10-day trial of World of Warcraft and found it to be a really good game. I'll probably pick up a full subscription for a little while just to do more in it.

The interface is intuitive, and the variety of ways to focus your character by choosing skills, professions, and talents is impressive. There are lots of quests, but I'm already starting to notice that the variety there is a little underwhelming. You either kill n things, kill a named thing, take something from here to there, or gather and bring back n things. I think there may be some other types of quests to do for the crafting, but I haven't gotten to them yet. Still, even with just the standard lather-rinse-repeat stye quests, this one beats most I've tried for giving you stuff to do and reasons to do it (I'm lookin at you, Saga of Ryzom).

Right now I'm enjoying trying out the Warlock class, and I play as Daphni (human) in the Argent Dawn realm, where my wife's real-life friend and her fiance have characters.