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06-05-2006, 19:47:34
Thread for thoughts, ideas, solutions, and activity reports for the big money riddles.

06-05-2006, 20:14:26
The riddles :

You might not heed this advice or care
do not go into HED
it’s guaranteed that somebody’s there
to fill your body with lead.

Twenty-two trustworthy men
in a popular traders den
mysterious number four
opens this magical door.

Coming and laying their tents
causing shouts and creating dents
holding their ground for weeks
reaching their peaks
until the coming of tweaks.
Once friends
once learning
now fiends
now burning

Down in Stain
there lies a system
with one way in
it is most eastern

Many a travellers dream
as hopeless at it may seem
a friend of mine named Gep
is the closest you’ll ever get.

She foiled their plan
and most of them ran
it did not last
this empire of the past.

Fast deployment and swift results
they’ll work for whoever pays
a night stalkers honor heavily weighs
on the orders he gets and obey’s.

To do is to be
to do is me
machine I am
scientist I am
or rather, was.

A highly dangerous place
you’ll find the next clue
hidden away
close to the diamond ace.

A purple Amarr to the south
deep in the empire’s mouth.
above the sea with two ways in
find this system and win."

06-05-2006, 20:16:48
thoughts so far -

1 - may refer to HED constellation but we can find no clues in the systems we have looked

2 - popular traders den - ours or jita?

3 - almost certainly refers to the MoO gate camps in eve's early days. These went on for weeks until the Devs altered the game to prevent them - the tweaks refered to in the riddle. These were in systems obe and mara

4 -

5 - system DK6W-1

6 -

7 -

8 -

9 - probably sancha's nation, dont know what system it points too though

10 -

11 - vapour sea - (see post below)

06-05-2006, 20:53:10
11- vapour sea?= its right below amarr state

06-05-2006, 20:54:30
sounds good -
i'll add it to the list
i checked mara - nothing there, probably obe then for #3

06-05-2006, 21:34:10
One is at the system where Jove and Amarr fought, I think


06-05-2006, 21:35:30
Antioth, I think is what you find


06-05-2006, 22:49:12
someone mentioned seminar or something?


06-05-2006, 22:50:28
8- mordu's legion- "fast deployment and swift results, they'll work for whoever pays"- the largest mercenary corp in EVE- the initial base of ops was Kamokor IV

07-05-2006, 00:24:11
What if it's not the system HED, but the planet. I do believe there is a planet with that name.

07-05-2006, 08:48:42
There is a planet HED-the m some numbers. Good point.

07-05-2006, 08:52:49
oh well - unsuprisingly someones been up all night and done it - the burnt eden corp won. Answers are to be posted shortly

07-05-2006, 08:53:54


07-05-2006, 08:59:16
) N - HED-GP - Famous system that always camped with people ready to kill you (fill your body with lead). Bad palce to travel.
This one was pretty obvious really. Everyone got this.

2) T - Nonni - 22 stations, popular trade system. scananble from the 4th station (mysterious 4)
This one was pretty difficult. Nonni has the most systems out of any system in the game tho, hence where the 22 came from.

3) 1 - Mara - M0o's famous gatecamps. Broke up by the DEVs. Many things tweaked (stay cloaked when jumping etc).
Again, this one was simple. Most ppl got it

4) 5 - crielere - Gallente + caldari were friends - built t2 (t2 mining laser event). Now they are enemies, forever.
Kind of difficult. But the t2 event was quite famous.

5) Q - 32-GI9, stain (eastern stain region - dead end system)

6) 0 - its in LS-JEP. The closest system to Jove space/Polaris space. My friend Gep is reffering to the system LS-JEP.
Difficult one here. I went thru 2 gatecampes on the way to LS-JEP. Only VOID ppl were in local. It seems nobody else got this one first.

7) P - HLW-HP, Curse. Foyle from the old Curse alliance when is disbanded. CA headquarters was in HLW-HP in curse.
The "foiled" bit gave it away.

8) 3 - 57XX, pure blind - mordu's legion - (http://www.eve-online.com/background/potw/oct01-01.asp ) Their deployment is fast and with swift results.
I hate reading these things. <3 Baz

9) N - Isseras (Todo Kirkinen, the first man to have his mind transferred into a machine) Look through Backstory on the eve-o website for this information.

10) Q - Otitoh. Diamond ace complex, a dangerous place - otitoh
Simple really. Again, most people got this one.

11) 3 - Saminer (Above the Vapor Sea (landmark name on map) - two way system. Looks like a mouth on the map. Purple star in Amarr empire - on the map you can select the star colours, this one is purple)

For #6, Heinky went through all the systems in the GEP constallation in Paragon Soul and to the system with the agent called Gep...

For #2 we went to Yulai, Jita and ISS margins before we got it.

looks like we were on the right track for several of them - dont know what I missed in mara - I really couldnt find anything. #5 - thats me not realised my unflattened map was the other way around from usual, also I went to crielere and couldnt find anything there either... I think their markers must have been bloody well hidden

07-05-2006, 13:24:49
So what was the final total reward?

07-05-2006, 13:35:56
a couple of billion ISK

07-05-2006, 19:57:21
that is pretty boring actually

I liked the unique, limited edition ship rewards best