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28-04-2006, 04:41:28
Available at opera.com. I've been using it now for a few hours and it hasn't blown up. One of the default settings, "fit to width" screws up frames, but is easy enough to disable. I'm using the "Plastik" theme which fits right in with my desktop. I'm intrigued by the per-site settings and the option to suppress the HTTP-REFERRER header. There's also a new opera:config page that works in a manner similar to Firefox's about:config. The interface is about the same, but looks better than 8.51. The weird and ugly blue border around dialog screens is gone. Widgets are another new feature, but I simply have no use for them. Did I mention that hovering over a tab pops up a thumbnail preview inside a tooltip? Nice.

If plugin compatibility wasn't an issue, I'd dump Firefox and set up Thunderbird to handle web links with Opera. I'm tired of guessing which extensions will turn my browser into an unstable mess. I installed SessionSaver to restore my tabs across crashes, but one website I've come across while researching Firefox instability names SessionSaver as a culprit. Or it could be my old profile, which goes back to 0.8 IIRC.

The sad thing is that pop-ups can still get through with Firefox and Opera, though at least Opera's per-site settings are more granular than Firefox's.

One other thing. The preview can't do flash applets.

Sir Penguin
28-04-2006, 06:23:09
I haven't had any problems with SessionSaver, except for a while after installing the IE 7 beta, when it wouldn't save the active tab (it's fixed itself now). I'd love to love Opera, but I can't get past its interface. It's really hard to use.


28-04-2006, 14:55:40
Firefox2 has Session Saver functionality biult in.

29-04-2006, 21:38:20
Hm. I hope they don't break something and mess it up for Windows. At least 1.5 seems pretty stable on Windows, even though it crashes early and often on Linux.

The Opera interface seems easy enough to use. It's just that it takes a bit to get it a certain way. I might just give up on some FF plugins and switch anyway.

I've had a chance ot use the per-site settings to block scripting for some pages I use regularly that feature obstructive advertising. Hopefully they won't wise up and then use scripting to display the entire page. :)