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24-04-2006, 20:19:31

They are giving away a free trial. 7 days.

Haven't heard much good about it though.

But for you hardcore nerds go for it!

Centara Fugue
24-04-2006, 21:21:53
Hmmm, might try it. Made a new friend out in Los Alamos and he plans to try it with another friend as soon as his WoW account expires.

24-04-2006, 21:24:40
Out in Los Alamos, eh? Does he work at a top secret facility? Did you steal his hard drive?

Sir Penguin
24-04-2006, 21:56:46


Centara Fugue
25-04-2006, 17:59:08
If anybody else is going to try, I'll be making my character on the Sarlona server (where my friend is). I might start one tonight.

26-04-2006, 08:05:48
Im going to make a character on Sarlona, may as well give this a try while I am waiting for my interceptor skill to finish

26-04-2006, 10:48:25
hmm, I had better pass

I'm afraid I'd like it

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
26-04-2006, 16:02:50
Bunch of my WoW guildies play this from time to time. They are of the opinion it's not a game you can play more than once or twice a week. A few of them are huge D&Ders, too.

From what I know of it from having listened to them, it's heavily group-based (in that most if not all of the non-tutorial missions need a well-balanced group to stand a chance of beating) and that getting a ggroup together is really easy. I'd guess you run the risk of the same kind of PUG problem you get in WoW with losers. Given that I hae a preference to non-group gameplay, it doesn't appeal to me all that much. YMMV, though.

Centara Fugue
27-04-2006, 07:08:36
My character on Sarlona is Elsa, and she's a bard. I'm level 2!

27-04-2006, 14:43:42
sadly my athlon processer is a little on on old side and does not support sse/3dnow so I cant play at all :(

Centara Fugue
28-04-2006, 16:25:05
Ugg, that sucks. It's not your fault, it's their fault. I had a bit of a time getting the game to run because I had a windows service disabled that it needed. I found that out on my own by installing on two different computers. Needless to say, the particular problem I had was addressed on the forums, but nobody knew the right answer. The tech help guy on the forum just kept saying to run antivirus software or reinstall the game, or get .NET version 1.1 and the updates to it. I was glad once I got it working, and I wanted to post on the forums on the threads with people having the same problem, but my forum ID was locked out of posting for some reason.

Anyway... well now this has gotten silly long so I'll post another just to say what I originally intended to say.

Centara Fugue
28-04-2006, 16:38:22
I haven't tried WoW, but WoW looks like it would be a better game than this one. I think City of Heroes and Guild Wars are both better games than this one, too. I think the focus doesn't have to be combat, but so far it has been all or mostly combat for me, so that's pretty much the same. The thing that bugs me is the controls. It is supposed to be more interactive than an average MMO, but I end up feeling like I'm just running around flailing madly and hoping my dice will roll a hit. I've only played a short while, so maybe this will get better. Another problem I see is the graphics. This game looks a little older than some of the other ones I've been playing lately (not counting EVE, which is older). Maybe that's just a matter of playing around with graphics settings and turning features on that I have disabled. The character avatars and npcs are misproportioned, having too-long arms and too-short legs. Another thing that might change as you progress through the game is a feeling of lack of space. The game so far takes place in a cramped little city, in which you go underground to quest. It doesn't have the feel of wide open spaces of the other games I've mentioned. I'll keep on playing through and seeing how I like it, but so far I think it just isn't up to snuff.

28-04-2006, 21:16:00
Sounds like they've got the game perfect then.

That's D&D. Cramped and outdated and out of proportion. After all, the whole game centers around dungeon crawls and taverns.

All it needs to finish off the experience is the gaming sessions rules fight and losing dice and they'll have completely transitioned the D&D experience online.


29-04-2006, 02:57:04
Sounds a lot like what I have heard Fugue.

Most people described it as guild wars, without the good PVP, depth, interesting graphics. or fun, plus you have to pay 15 a month.

Centara Fugue
01-05-2006, 14:20:05
The folks at Turbine have come up with an interesting way to drag out 10 levels (I presume they will raise the limit to 20 in an expansion pack). You get 5 action points to spend on 4 enhancement slots each level. If you want to enhance an ability, and you already have all 4 enhancement slots filled, you have to sacrifice one of them. It is an ok system, but the rate at which you get new abilities to use is painfully slow.

Guild Wars is so much better with its switch on the fly style of ability system. You have one character, but that character can change out skills and secondary classes to experiment without penalty. I'm interested in D&D because of the story, but I know that if I started another character, it would be slogging through the same story. The combat just kills me, though. You can swing your weapon whenever you want, to a point, but if you don't have yourself placed just right, you will miss and waste your turn. It wouldn't be so bad if it were more like an fps, meaning your placement and aim would have some impact on the damage you do when you hit, but in this game, even if you get yourself lined up just right and are in the perfect position, you still depend on a dice roll to determine whether you hit and how much damage you do. That is fine if that's the only mechanism (as in other mmos) for determining damage dealt, but mixing the two just means you hit less often than you would in either of the pure systems (standard fps or standard mmo). Plus, your character just looks kinda silly running around with her head looking around this way and that, flailing her, well, flail at stuff that may or may not be in the correct position, getting the occasional hit.

There are lots of breakables in the game, meaning you feel a little like Link in a Zelda game breaking all the flowerpots. Generally this is just extra joy, since the crates and pots have random loot in them. The other night, though, my friend and I got a mission in which we were supposed to break 50 crates in a warehouse in 10 minutes. I thought, "No problem," since we just came off a mission through a warehouse which had tons of crates all around, many in each room. I was quite wrong. The crate mission was a huge expanse of rooms with only one ore two breakable crates cleverly hidden between and behind many larger unbreakable ones in each room. The search for the breakable crates became maddening. It also became rather monotonous. Just breaking crates for 10 minutes, as fun as it might sound, isn't really all that great. It occurred to me that somebody thought this was a good idea, then implemented it and still thought it was a good idea. We completed the mission, and I was glad not to have to break any more crates for a while.

Another facet of the game that bugs me is how long it takes to go and do stuff. There are collectors who will take items off your hands that you can't sell, and they're scattered all over the map. There are taverns where you get missions, and they're scattered all over the map. The missions themselves are scattered all over the map. The map is small, but it takes a long time to run from one place to another because you're in a rinky-dink little seaport, and the buildings and streets are all thrown about like any old village might be. You can die from falling too far, so it is difficult to take shortcuts. So you're trapped running up and around little catwalks to get from higher to lower areas and back, and jumping into the water doesn't really save you any time because you might miss and even if you don't, you have to find a place to climb out, which can take longer than just sticking to the catwalks. That all just goes back to how small and cramped the game feels. I don't mind it taking me a while to run across a continent, but it taking me a while to run from one side of the little city to the other gets on my nerves a bit. I kept wishing I could use a sprint stance (GW) or super speed (CoH).

Anyway, I think I've more or less repeated what I said before, with a little more detail, so I'll be done for now. It is free to try, so you other folks really don't have any excuse not to see if you like it, I guess, but I think I'll be moving on after the trial's up.

10-05-2006, 23:49:05
Free eh?

Clicking on several links, forced to join IGN, then I have to wait 45 minutes to even start the frigging download.

45 minutes of my time isn't free. Sorry.

10-05-2006, 23:50:50
I played the beta for an hour before deleting it. What an ass game.