View Full Version : HP says its server is bulletproof.

23-04-2006, 21:33:02

Hm. The shot looks reasonably destructive, but I think that anybody who has reason to believe that his/her computers may be shot should put armor on them ASAP.

24-04-2006, 00:11:56
Pah, it's not REALLY bullet-proof then is it? Pleased to say they took the fish out before the test...

Also, interesting that the round did not go right through the fish tank. So, to give yourself the ultimate in ballistic protection wear a suit made out of HP servers swathed in water-filled double glazing units.

Finally, thought the closing warranty was amusing - 'Don't try this at home folks' - doubtless to avoid being sued by some twat who thought his PC would protect him from high-velocity chunks of metal

24-04-2006, 10:43:24
Fun gimmick I suppose. But fairly pointless. Obviously it depends on what is hit on route as to how it'd react. One could argue HP has more PCB than it actually needs - wasteful sods.

26-04-2006, 01:12:49
More money than common sense.

All you got to do is run mains electricy all over the connectors, that'll fuck it.

Saves a bullet.

27-04-2006, 19:59:02
That's not bullet proof at all.