View Full Version : When commercial artists go weird

Lazarus and the Gimp
19-04-2006, 21:22:30
I've got a theory that when (previously) commercial artists suddenly go weird, some of the greatest albums ever made are the result.


Talk Talk- a slightly cerebral (yet still accessible) 80's pop band suddenly release "Spirit of Eden" and disappear off into avant garde minimalism. Great album.

Big Star- hugely commercial pop band release "Sister Lovers", probably the most interesting career suicide ever.

Van Morrison- pub-favourite RnB singer suddenly gets jazz and releases "Astral Weeks", one of the greatest albums EVAH!

Julian Cope- Kiddy-psychedelia pop poppet drops several tonnes of acid and releases the spellbinding yet really weird "Fried".

Scott Walker- Just about everything from "Scott 4" onwards. Especially "Tilt". I'm buggered if I know what that was all about, but it's really compelling.

Bruce Springsteen- "Nebraska". Talk about a suckerpunch.