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15-04-2006, 09:10:20
You can click on ANY picture to enlarge!
Pictures are from different beta versions so differences in interface and textures many be observed.
Some shots are pure eye candy shots where the interface is deliberately hidden so do not fear that there is none.
I've had to split my posts due to a images per post limit on this forum which unfortunately doesn't differentiate between big pictures and tiny heavily compressed pictures.

Hi guys..

Thatís right the release of Heroes of Might & Magic 5 is getting closer & closer, and the Demo has just been released to the public!

http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/CoolThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Cool01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/CoolThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Cool02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/CoolThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Cool03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/CoolThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Cool04.jpg)

Iíve have been a Heroes fan since 1996 when as a teenager I accidentally stumbled across a demo of Heroes 1 on PC Gamer CD and instantly fell in love with it! The idea ruling over beautiful castles (While developing them up), launching heroes out (that could level up & collect artifacts RPG style), control large armies (of beautiful fantasy creatures from all your favorite books & movies), and explore a large world (of dwellings, monsters, and other rival castles) just blew me away & everyone else I showed it to.

Since then Iíve collected every game plus its add-ons in the series. I enjoy playing many genres of games, First Person, RPGs, RT Strategy, & TB Strategy and have many favorites over the years but Heroes takes the crown. Never has a series of games caused so many sleepless nights with the old Ďjust one more turn..í mentality lol!

For those of you who donít know the unfortunate tail Iíll say it really briefly here. In 2001/2 when the rushed out Heroes 4 & its addons were released 3DO fell bankrupt taking Heroes creators New World Computing with them and it looked like all was over for the Heroes series. But then European company UbiSoft bought the Heroes name and in 2003 a Nival project leader made an unofficial announcement in a popular Heroes fan forum that work had begun on Heroes 5.

Since then Ubisoft/Nival have been pumping out all sorts of juicy hints & FAQs, and then finally pictures and game play videoís over the last year so I thought Iíd drop by some of the forums that I browse to show how good the game is looking now!

The gameís 3D engine is looking gorgeous and creates some amazing game environments for your heroes to walk, collect treasure, & fight in:

In the Haven Faction grasslands
The Human heroes ride on armored horseback while trees & flowers & crops sway in the wind, and sun light pours through the trees. In the castle screen the castle glows with holy light surrounded by reflective rippling water.
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/HumanThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Human01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/HumanThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Human02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/HumanThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Human03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/HumanThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Human04.jpg)

Continued in next post...

15-04-2006, 09:10:47
In the Inferno Faction volcanoes
The Demon heroes run through massive deep lava pits & flowing lava rivers, while steam & fire spews out through giant cracks. In the castle screen the fortress burns and flaming lava chunks fall from the sky leaving smoke trails in the air!
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DevilThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Devil01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DevilThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Devil02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DevilThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Devil03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DevilThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Devil04.jpg)

In the Undead Faction swamps
The Necromancer heroes ride their undead horse surrounded in the darkness of a foggy night while green gasses flow & seep out of deep pits. In the castle screen the black towers have an eerie green glow (LOTR Mordor dead city style).
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/UndeadThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Undead01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/UndeadThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Undead02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/UndeadThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Undead03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/UndeadThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Undead04.jpg)

Continued in next post...

15-04-2006, 09:11:13
In the Sylvan Faction forests
The Elven heroes ride unicorns through giant trees towering up into the sky, while rivers & waterfalls flow around them. The castles are built in & out of giant trees that drop their leaves gently down into a beautiful reflective lake.
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/ElfThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Elf01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/ElfThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Elf02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/ElfThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Elf03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/ElfThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Elf04.jpg)

In the Dungeon Faction underworld
The Dark Elven heroes ride giant lizards in a hidden world that exists under the regular map surface containing many tunnels with castles & dwellings & underground rivers lit up in various beautiful colors by the surrounding monsters, crystals & treasure in the caves.
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DungeonThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Dungeon01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DungeonThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Dungeon02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DungeonThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Dungeon03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/DungeonThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Dungeon04.jpg)

Continued in next post...

15-04-2006, 09:11:35
In the Academy Faction deserts
The Wizard heroes ride war elephants through giant canyons stretching between rolling sandy hills while their castles magically float in the sky above resting in the clouds and glowing sunlight.
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/WizardThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Wizard01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/WizardThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Wizard02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/WizardThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Wizard03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/WizardThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Wizard04.jpg)

Combat Screen
The new Battle screen is fast and action paced on a square grid (not hex anymore), spells are cast in beautiful detail, and Heroes 3 fans will be pleased to know that Ballistas/Aid tents/Ammo carts/Catapults are all back (were gone in Heroes 4).
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/BattleThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Battle01.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/BattleThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Battle02.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/BattleThumb03.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Battle03.jpg).http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/BattleThumb04.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Battle04.jpg)

At E3 2005 we were blown away with an amazing FMV showing a demon attack on a human castle showing Devils, Archangels, Ghost Dragons, and a powerful human hero. Here are some snapshots Iíve taken from the video:
http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/TrailerThumb01.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Trailer01.jpg)..http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/TrailerThumb02.jpg (http://users.esc.net.au/~blake00/Heroes5/Post/Trailer02.jpg)

Link to the video itself:

Afterwoods a series of informative gameplay videos were released which you can get from here:

One of the biggest Heroes series fan sites is Celestial Heavens and they have collected many Heroes 5 pictures which you can check out here:

For those of you familiar with Heroes of Might & Magic there is also a good review of the gameplay features posted at Celestial Heavens too:

The much anticipated Heroes of Might & Magic 5 demo (700MB) which contains:
- Two maps from the Haven and Inferno campaigns
- One custom single-player map: "843 YSD: Falconís last flight"
- Duel Mode: 6 heroes out of 18 are available for selection in this brand new online mode

Easiest if youíve got a download manager-
UBISoft FTP (ftp://ftp.ubi.com/emea/homm5/demo/homm5_demo.exe)

Alternative locations-
3DGamers (http://www.3dgamers.com/games/heroesmightmagic5/downloads/)
Worthplaying (http://www.worthdownloading.com/game.php?gid=1278)
Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+Demo/;4981162;;/fileinfo.html)
Gamershell (http://www.gamershell.com/download_13278.shtml)
Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/heroesofmightandmagicv/download.html?sid=6147582)
Boomtown (http://download.boomtown.net/en_uk/articles/art.view.php?id=11091)
Gamedaily (http://www.gamedaily.com/download/info/?packageid=0078701137)
Xfire (http://files.xfire.com/1586)
Espace.ch (http://www.espace.ch/artikel_201147.html)

18-04-2006, 06:35:18
It looks great but that doesn't change the fact that I and every normal woman in the world besides is deeply afraid of you.

18-04-2006, 11:00:41
most unfortunate that Blake has a tail

I am deeply afraid.

18-04-2006, 12:36:08
Most fortunate for me that neither of you are my type.

18-04-2006, 12:42:09
Its very pretty... gameplay to be determined.

I played HOMM3 to death.

18-04-2006, 12:47:13
Never played any of the games, but the hype engine has done it's job and caught my attention for this one.

19-04-2006, 07:55:00
Hmmmm...Turn based goodness...lubberly

19-04-2006, 07:57:15
I liked 2

played a bit of 3


19-04-2006, 08:44:46
I got shown a game a bit like this about 6 years ago. Looked good, not even sure it is this series though

19-04-2006, 14:36:54
World of Wonder?

19-04-2006, 14:38:10
that's not the right title... hmm, stupid brain

19-04-2006, 14:39:39
Age of Wonder

19-04-2006, 16:42:30

19-04-2006, 19:33:30
Age of Wonder was more related to MoM I think

(MoM is still my favorite)

20-04-2006, 06:58:05
AoW was not related to MoM. It was HoMM, through and through. Very disappointing, after all that "we are copying MoM liberally and often" hyping they did.

21-04-2006, 13:10:44
Have played extensively the demo and I must say there are a lot of design choices I really do not like.

Age of Wonders 2: SM was innovative in so many aspects and much more polished imo.

It's actually a shame there aren't many games in this genre and HOMM5 did not learn anything from the past :(

22-04-2006, 03:51:55
Indeed.. Age of Wonders 2: SM was a brilliant game..

With Heroes 5 and Disciples 3 on the way its shame there's no plans to make a AoW 3.

22-04-2006, 04:55:59
That looks good, might have to ask to review that.

Disciples 3 is coming?

Disicples is such a cool gaming system, look forward to that.

24-04-2006, 09:19:59
indeed.. been hearing about it for some time now but the offical news only just came out a few days ago with a couple of impressive screens.



24-04-2006, 10:51:50
Loved 3, played it to distraction as a kid.

22-09-2006, 15:31:59
I bought this last saturday.
I was about to write a review about how much I hate some poor (imo) design choices that ruin what could have been an excellent game but then I thought nobody would give a fuck :D

22-09-2006, 16:16:47
That doesn't mean you can't write a review.

23-09-2006, 07:01:31
I have this. It's good enough to occasionally distract me from Warcraft. =)