View Full Version : Kerrang Garage Punk CD.

19-04-2002, 09:36:04
Very cool. Compiled by The Hives who I am liking very much.

19-04-2002, 09:46:52
Radio Birdman - Aloha Steve and Danno
The Hellacopters - I Wanna Touch
Randy - Win Or Lose
Oblivians - Strong Come On
The New Bomb Turks - Id Slips In
Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia (Live)
The Damned - New Rose
The Saints - Know Your Product
Compulsive Gamblers - Stop & Think It Over
Flaming Groovies - Slow Death
Bobby Conn - United Nations
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Get Down Lover
The BellRays - Blue Cirque
The Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor
The Dirtbombs - Chains Of Love

19-04-2002, 11:30:45
Steve, I wanna say thank you...

19-04-2002, 11:35:19
For all you've done for me.

I like that song. Well, it's a punk Hawaii Five Oh, who couldn't like that.

In this weeks Kerrang Shirley from Garbage says she likes The Streets. I actually quite liked the song of theirs I heard on the radio the other day.

19-04-2002, 11:40:04
You're turning into me. More distrubingly, I'm turning into you. I just bought a Catheters album. Aaargh.

19-04-2002, 11:41:04
Never heard of them but I like the name.

19-04-2002, 11:41:47
I only like this Garage punk CD 'cause there aren't many poncy twats on it.

19-04-2002, 11:43:23
OK, no music on TheCatheters.com. Bastards.

19-04-2002, 11:47:03
Found one on Sub Pop, I Fall Easy From Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days. They sound exactly like Mudhoney.

19-04-2002, 11:56:55
Do they? I haven't recieved the CD yet.

19-04-2002, 12:06:55
You bought them without hearing them?


19-04-2002, 12:09:53
Always. If I actually litsened to stuff before I bought it I'd never get anything done.

19-04-2002, 12:13:05
Explains your CD collection. ;) Have you listened to my bands new track? If not, try not to, I'll sell you a CD. :D

21-04-2002, 10:45:24
Anyone heard of the 'Punk' group The Arrivals from Chicago? they are really cool. Melodic (but not to the point of the bubblegum punk of B182 or the like) with an old school sound.

Try Goodbye New World it rocks and John Peel likes them too!
I heard them on his show about a year or so ago but they have yet to break.

22-04-2002, 13:25:18
I've bought it. It's a really nice CD, actually. Especially like the Bobby Conn and JSBE tracks...