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Resource Consumer
30-03-2006, 09:07:26
As usual when I pop up on this forum, I am looking for advice.:)

So, assume that I am going for a 2 graphics card solution. I know some of you are sceptical that it is worth the extra money but let's put that to one side for a minute......

Which one? SLI or Crossfire? Can anyone point me to any discussion online that points out in simp[le terms the advantages and disadvantages of each?


30-03-2006, 09:09:32

Resource Consumer
30-03-2006, 10:34:55
Thanks Fist. That did not show up on my search.

I think the driver thing puts me off SLI a bit and leans me towards Crossfire. However, the issue os probably a more concrete one between the currently available options.

So, I am now faced with a more specific question having dug around on the improvements that have happened since that article.

The question is how does 7900GTX SLI compare with X1900XT Crossfire?

30-03-2006, 10:51:28
You really are into high end tech.

There was an article on gamespot I read awhile ago, not sure how attendible it is but I'll try to find it.

30-03-2006, 10:56:04
Here it is (http://www.gamespot.com/features/6145814/index.html)

There are some benchmarks but as you see it really depends if you want both AA and HDR at the same time or not.

Btw, I'm biased toward ATI so I won't comment :p

Resource Consumer
30-03-2006, 11:48:43
Thanks. Most interesting.

I am a bit of an ATI fan myself. Judging from the comments there is not a lot to choose between the two. However, if I read correctly the ATI is more likely to be better in future generations of games (and in the first article there was the suggestion that imporvements in SLI would mean a complete rethink).

I think I prefer the Crossfire (just)

31-03-2006, 09:16:52
Do you actually need two graphics cards? Hardly any games support it and a top of the line single ATI or NVidia would probably be appropriate for your needs.

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31-03-2006, 10:07:59
I am just a flash bastard - and games in the future might like it :)

31-03-2006, 10:32:46
Yeah I know I remember when you tried to buy 4 gigs of memory (or similar) and the PC company couldn't cope! ;)

Only other thing is Monster power = monster noise.

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31-03-2006, 11:24:37
I think I will get it soundproofed and liquid cooled :)

31-03-2006, 12:08:44
Here found one for you:



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31-03-2006, 13:10:24
I prefer the Sav Row one

In fact I'll get three - one for downstairs, one for upstairs and one for the garden

08-04-2006, 22:34:22
Crossfire XT1900 is the fastest.


Looks like the twats at Gamespot didn't rename the Fear executable. Duh!