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Greg W
24-03-2006, 21:36:05
Is something I'll be doing in about 6 weeks. Just agreed on a price to buy a villa in North Parramatta. 3 bedroom + study/storage room, new wooden floorboards, new bathroom, new kitchen. Just needs a good lick of paint and a few cracks plastered over and it'll be sweet.

:bounce: :beer: :bounce: :beer: :bounce:

Only issue of course is that I'll have to get used to paying a mortgage again. :cry:

And looking for someone to rent out a room, though I have two leads on that at the moment.

Off to pay the holding deposit now. Then in a few days, sign my life away. ;)

24-03-2006, 21:36:50
:beer: congrats bushman

24-03-2006, 21:38:34
Way to go! Have a few :beer: and enjoy!

26-03-2006, 14:59:53
Party at Greg's!!!

26-03-2006, 15:10:22
Good point - when's the housewarming? :beer:

Congratulations - I hope you and your mortgage are very happy together!

Greg W
27-03-2006, 02:08:35
Housewarming will be tentatively in about 8-10 weeks. Or I might just time it to coincide with the Soccer World Cup. Anyone from CG in Sydney around then is welcome to tag along. :beer:

Had a solicitor type look over the ocntract today, and nothing weird there. Meeting with the bank tomorrow, and seeing as they pre-approved me back in September, it should be a mere formality.

So now I just need to figure out costs for the stuff I still need to buy for the place, like a stereo/amp, entertainment unit, a couple of coffee tables, a dining table, a clothes dryer. And, er, anything else I can think of. Like a dishwasher maybe. And then work out exactly how much I need to borrow. Oh, and find someone to rent one of the spare rooms.

27-03-2006, 09:04:27
Well done.

Going back to paying a mortgage is a pain, but you'll get used to having no money. I did ;)

27-03-2006, 09:09:59
Venom will be there!

Greg W
29-03-2006, 09:29:45
Well, contracts all exchanged. Loan approved. Settlement set for 10 weeks as the owner wanted a delayed settlement, so it's June 5th when I take posession of the property, and start paying off more money than I have ever owed before. :eek:

29-03-2006, 09:42:13
foster foster foster

Resource Consumer
29-03-2006, 11:19:15
Paramatta - does that mean you go to work on the JetCat?

29-03-2006, 13:24:20
Substandard wiring. That place is gonna burn down.

29-03-2006, 13:56:28
Ahhh... So it was built by Laz then.

29-03-2006, 14:12:17
Designed by Mr G. And Aredhran was a sub contractor on it.

29-03-2006, 14:13:22

29-03-2006, 14:37:40
your "O" looks like boobies


29-03-2006, 14:47:53
OMG you are right!!!!!

29-03-2006, 14:48:26
OMG you are right!!!!!


Greg W
29-03-2006, 20:04:12
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
Paramatta - does that mean you go to work on the JetCat? Well, unless the jetcat suddenly became a bus when I wasn't looking... :p

Resource Consumer
31-03-2006, 10:10:03

31-03-2006, 13:05:27
Jetcat? A panther with a jet on its back?

Resource Consumer
31-03-2006, 13:46:46
or a rocket up its backside?

31-03-2006, 13:50:43
How does it shit then? HOW?!?

31-03-2006, 14:45:22
see i knew he could be seriously serious.

Greg W
02-04-2006, 09:46:08
And it's actually the Rivercat out at Parra. Make of that what you will.

The Norks
02-04-2006, 15:45:22
Congratulations mate! :beer:

Greg W
03-04-2006, 01:18:23
Cheers. :beer:

Now to get used to paying out just over half my wage a fortnight to a bank again. :cry: