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23-11-2001, 13:46:00
I just bought it today, at lunch time



23-11-2001, 13:46:29
Not in the UK until next Friday. Don't you read the Counterglow news? :D

23-11-2001, 13:54:38
I feel sorry for you.



23-11-2001, 13:55:50
What kind of a crap IMG tag is this !? :clueless:

Resource Consumer
23-11-2001, 14:03:59
You seem to have a very small screen!

23-11-2001, 14:16:54
It's just a very long way away. :D

23-11-2001, 15:30:24
If you can't eat dog food and blood for HP I'm not interested...

Probably won't run on my steam powered abacus of a pc anyway, b'ah.

23-11-2001, 15:33:16
Minimum config per game box

3D hardware accelerator with 16MB VRAM & OpenGL support
16bit color video
Windows 9blah, 2000 or XP
128 MB RAM
800 MB uncompressed disk space for install, + 300 MB for swap file

+ net connection for multiplayer obviously

23-11-2001, 15:36:01
PII -350
32Meg GF2
128Meg RAM
Only 500Mb HD space left...

I think I'll give it a miss. When you start scraping the minimum specs, the games tend to run like a slide show anyway so no real game experience to be had. I'll stick to System Shock 2 for the mo', which is still one of the best FPS games I've played to date.

24-11-2001, 22:25:47
I submitted a review... hopefully it will be on-line by Monday.

26-11-2001, 09:30:30
and here it is! http://www.counterglow.net/article.php?id=castlewolfenstein :)

26-11-2001, 11:04:16
Interesting review... dunno whether to get it or not after that.

Resource Consumer
26-11-2001, 11:28:19
I bet you will.

C.G.B. Spender
26-11-2001, 11:38:10
"no German soldiers screaming “Mein Führer” or “Mein Leben” when they die"
I can do that for you!

26-11-2001, 12:06:38
I don't know. I'm a bit cash strapped after getting my PS2.

Resource Consumer
26-11-2001, 12:12:31
Originally posted by C.G.B. Spender
"no German soldiers screaming “Mein Führer” or “Mein Leben” when they die"
I can do that for you!

What? Die?:)

26-11-2001, 12:22:27
Intersting review.
If I didn't hate FPS so much I'd give it a try... ;)

C.G.B. Spender
26-11-2001, 12:23:30
I played the Startrek Voyager FPS and it's quite good if you like ST

26-11-2001, 12:45:24
I played a few more levels on Sunday after writing the review...

In the crypt, I met some nasty, fire-breathing undead - lethal ! I barely made it out of the level alive (almost out of ammo, and down to 23% health)

The next one featured a bunch of sexy nazi bitches in tight leather uniforms with Sten machineguns.

Then came the first Boss, a huge black undead bastard who shook the ground with every step - took 2 packs of dynamite plus over a hundred bullets to get rid of the monster !

The next mission was more classic, sneaky entrance and all guns blazing on the way out after blowing up a V2 rocket, followed by "sniper's paradise" - large open spaces that let you gun down the nazis with your mauser rifle from a comfortably safe distance.

Still no flamethrower :(
And still no "Mein Führer" screams to be heard.

26-11-2001, 12:56:25
The crypt was hard. I found grenades a good way to deal with the fire guy.

I'm on the 4th mission and there's some crazy stuff in front of you. Guys with no legs bouncing around and electrocuting you. Hard to kill.

The Venom gun is fun though.

26-11-2001, 12:59:59
What does the Venom gun do?

26-11-2001, 13:02:07
It's a big ass gatling gun. Fires about 2000 rounds a min.

26-11-2001, 15:19:38
Yeah, I also used grenades to dispatch these fire thingies. Funny, how they sets other undeads on fire.

I also enjoyed seeing the soldiers being mowed down by the axe-wielding skeletons :D

26-11-2001, 15:21:43
Yeah. That was good stuff. The crypt levels were pretty scary though. Good eerie feeling to them.

I left off last night at the beginning of the Norway level.

26-11-2001, 16:17:44
I absolutely loved to hate the fog effects and the zombies rising from the mist covering the floor :eek:

26-11-2001, 16:21:38
It's sounding interesting...

26-11-2001, 16:24:02
It is interesting. You know I'm not a huge fan of FPS and I am enjoying it. It's no Half-Life but it's fun to squash the Nazis. The graphics are great too. Flame thrower effects are very cool.

26-11-2001, 16:33:42
And the "Snoopy" rifle - kewl :D

26-11-2001, 16:36:32
I used the hell out of that rifle on the board where you had to inflitrate the supply base.

Which is also the mission that has the second most annoying music. That damn phonograph...Pissing me off.

27-11-2001, 09:08:12
Just shoot the radio ;)

I finally found the flamethrower last night :D

And I decided to go to bed after meeting the Übersoldat - Aaaaaaaaargh !

27-11-2001, 09:14:04
Now this sounds like a cool game:D

27-11-2001, 15:02:25
Oh, and I forgot to say... Damn those Venom soldiers are tough (3 perfect headshots with the Mauser rifle to take one down !)

27-11-2001, 15:10:41
Is the Ubersoldat the big guy with all the armor and the minigun? I left off just after killing him and trying to take out some X-creatures.

And of course my soldiers are tough. I wouldn't associate with wussies.

28-11-2001, 00:36:11
Almost, but not quite. The Übersoldat is similar to these guys, but he has a rocket launcher and some sort of electrical heavy weapon called "Telsa gun" or something. The level he's in is called "boss2" (surprise surprise). Quite tough to kill - got him with a couple rockets and the Venom gun.

28-11-2001, 01:43:12
That's the board I'm on now.

I'm going after Deathshead Uber Soldat, that must be the guy you are talking about.

28-11-2001, 08:12:45
Yep. That's the one.

I must say, I was a bit underwhelmed by the next 2 levels though (the dam and the village). Walk in the park.

28-11-2001, 08:13:09
Or maybe I'm just getting too good at this :cool:

28-11-2001, 09:39:25
Some FPS do get a bit easy when you get all the weapons. I think Doom II was one of the best balanced like that, constantly low on health and weapons first time I played through that... ok later times I played through it it was easy but first time... I was constantly fearing death.

28-11-2001, 13:06:27
I actually haven't had too much trouble with any of the recent boards. Getting into the X-Labs in Norway was a walk in the park as I just took the high ground and snipered away anyone after me.

This Uber Soldat is probably going to hurt though.

28-11-2001, 17:44:53
It's all about balancing the gameplay. You always want to get bigger weapons as an incentive to carry on, but then you don't want the game to necessarily get easier, so you start facing harder-to-kill bad guys.

What Doom and Doom2 did so successfully I think is that although it got hardber by providing harder-to-kills in increasing numbers throughout the game, you were constantly fighting off morme and more hoards of cannon fodder, whilst individually not life threataning, became more and more of a threat due to group size. Then, just when you're bowing on your knees with low energy and low ammo, a swarm of those floating tomato heads would appear, or the Harold Bishop rocket launcher fat guys...
Aah, Doom 2 :)

I've never played an FPS since Doom2 where you had so many bad guys to kill on-screen at any one time. I blame hi-detail polygon characters. It was easy to shift around several hundred of those pink face rippers and the Gattling Gun-arm soldiers on screen at once with a 486 when they were just bitmaps. Much harder when you're trying to render 10,000 polygons per character...

No longer Trippin
28-11-2001, 19:16:22
If your looking for a challenge, don't bother. Doom 2 was tougher. I haven't tried the hardest level yet (there are three), but I beat the second one without dying to much. The first level was a cake walk after I learn a few simple things. The end boss is stupidly easy compared to the rest of the game if you use one certain tactic (and it isn't cheese either). I won't post it as some may want to enjoy dying a few times trying.

You just ALWAYS have to watch out for someone being used as bait to draw you into nasty crossfires. Nearly every time I lost major health, or if I was really stupid, died, it was from acting to quickly and finding out what a panzerfaust, a heavy machine gun, a flamethrower, and a few mauser rifles can do to a body.

I know some people who have had a really tough time with it. You just have to be more cautious than with other FPS shooters. Mauser's and Stens are what you really have to watch out for. One takes 50 points off, the other 20 per shot. The later weapons sucks. Although one of them is great for big pain in the ass enemies, but little else.

I'm having a tougher time with Operation Flashpoint. Reminds me of the Novalogic Delta Force series, only with realistic hit location and great outdoor enviroments. Also a shitload harder.

No longer Trippin
28-11-2001, 19:21:22
FF: That's the weak point of the later weapons in RtCW. The guns are geared to kill many opponents at once, and in clse quarters, but since those opportunities are rare, you have to use one to kill zombies in the the end (save the worthwihle ammo), and the other to blow the shit out of some of the more evil bigger things (IF you get it up and running fast enough, else your dead).

Play the game like you'd play Dues Ex on realistic or thief two, and you'll do fine. Play it like serious sam, and your dead.

28-11-2001, 23:23:35
Finished it :gasmaske:

The game is a bit short, I expected more. Oh well.

Trip is right, the last bad guy was surprisingly easy to beat.

Have fun with Uncle Heinrich Venom :D

FF, when I said it was too easy... I did not mean it because of the heavy weapons. Throughout the whole game, except for a few exceptions, I mostly used the basic weapons: the MP40, Sten machinegun and the Mauser rifle (or the Snooper one when I had ammo), and occasionally the paratroop rifle. There is just not enough opposition.

Maybe I'll try it again on the nightmare/hell on earth level (or whatever it's called)

Resource Consumer
28-11-2001, 23:40:37
Have you tried all levels just using the Swiss army knife?

28-11-2001, 23:53:01
That really wouldn't be fair to those poor nazis, now would it ?

Plus, the Geneva Convention forbids it :D

29-11-2001, 01:19:07
Himmler's a bastard eh? Me and my Venom gun will have to have a little chat with him.

No longer Trippin
29-11-2001, 07:49:35
The paratrooper rifle is great. Accurate enough even under repeated firing, enough ammo to use it consistently on those enemies you need to use it on (sten's, venom's, other paratroopers). Also packs more punch than a sten, but less than a mauser (and more accurate than both).

The tesla gun I used soley for killing the few zombies towards the end. The Venom gun I used for kill those tesla badasses (long as I had time to rev it up first - if not I ran until I did.). I also used the venom gun to wipe out the last badass, and his ubertroops, with the help of panzerfaust. The flamethrower I used to clear out rooms quickly, because it isn't so great at zombie killing as it was made out to be. The tesla gun rocks at it though.

The German grenades are a fucking joke. I have only used them to draw enemies into my line of fire, to get them to retreat for a moment, or to cover my escape. Never for killing directly... there damage/blast radius is shit. American Grenades work wonders though for killing bastards in rooms. They either run out, or die. With the german ones, they just move into the corner of the room and wait to blast your ass. Dynamite kicks ass on zombies as they can't outrun the five second timer.

Anybody here used the .45? God it is so pussyfied in the game. Even the double .45's suck ass. I only used them to blast zombies there weren't too many harassing me. The fucking luger seems to pack a stronger punch, and the silencer doesn't seem to take much if any punch off the weapon.

The MP40 I used only if I was out of lighter fuel in close quarters, and I saved the sten for blasting bitches in black, lone troops, and if I'm low on paratrooper rifle ammo. The bastards in the trench coats.

I only used the mauser after I used the snooper to clear out the snipers. As the mauser will announce to anything around exactly where you are. It sucks to kill one sniper with a mauser, only to have two others blow the shit out you seconds later.

I have to admit, the uber enemies wiped my ass a couple times until I learned that running to bait them into a venom gun or panzerfaust trap was much more likely to mean I don't die in 3 seconds flat. The tesle ones are fast fuckers, they just have problems with stairs (although they can jump up an entire level bypassing the stairs :( ).

I wished it was longer, but it seems to have replay value as the unit AI is good. I feel I got my money's worth, as it doesn't seem to have any glaring fuckups in it. I'm also fairly jaded cause I got a geforce 3, got it at a discount cause it was opened and I puched the fact that it was opened... knocked 50 off the price and I can bring it back within 30 days if I find any problems. (I had an intel 815 on the motherboard before - god that was awful). So I'm truly in aw of the graphics.

29-11-2001, 13:49:09
Funky if you want hundreds of enemies on screen at once try Serious Sam, its nothing more or less than a next gen Doom clone. And a bloody good one too.

29-11-2001, 14:21:11
Stupid tesla gun. Bastard hosed me the one chance I got to play last night.

29-11-2001, 14:59:13
What happened ?

29-11-2001, 15:00:53
I walked into the big room, Himmler said "BLAH" I said Venom gun and the Uber Soldat came in and lit me up from across the room. I tried to hop, skip and jump away from him but he was all over me.

29-11-2001, 17:38:24
Get away from the metal railings (jumping downstairs for example), then you can deal with Mr. Ubersoldat as he deserves (a couple panzerfausts or three up his ass should teach him to give you the required respect)

29-11-2001, 17:44:29
That's what I was going to try next. I think I only have 1 panzerfaust left.

Do you think the Venom gun at a closer ranger or should I stay away and use the paratrooper rifle?

29-11-2001, 17:59:58
I fired off 2 rockets at him, then finished him off with the Venom gun. I never thought of using the para rifle, but that could be a good idea, letting you avoid getting fried too much.

Maybe I should have given it a shot with the flamer as well, could have been interesting.

IIRC, across the room from the door you come in from, on the left you got some armor, and on the right health packs.

29-11-2001, 18:18:30
I'll start with what ever rockets I have left. And then go with the FG 42. If that doesn't work, I'll push in closer and go with my namesake.

29-11-2001, 21:54:40
he only had one ball,
he had two but very small,
had something sim-lar,
But only Goebells had no balls at all.

Thank you, thank you very much!

No longer Trippin
30-11-2001, 01:04:50
Generally I crouch around a corner after firing a panzerfaust at the UberSoldat, after which, when I hear him stepping near, I rev up the venom gun, get it firing, and crawl around the corner blasting the fuck out the guys legs at close range. For the one's outdoors, it's usually, panzerfaust or two, then using the venom gun while running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

30-11-2001, 02:16:08
I actually had no panzerfausts remaining for the super soldier. My Venom gun and I were able to bring him down, though I got severely fucked up in the process. Those damn doctors after that almost wasted me because I had 18 health left.

Getting past the dam and through the villager were pretty easy. I'm in the chateau now, but I had to take a break for milk and cookies.

30-11-2001, 07:56:22
Trip - I used a similar technique, but I mostly turned around the Ubersoldat while giving him a nice Venom Shower (strafe and turn at the same time)

30-11-2001, 12:48:29
purchased my copy of wolfenstein just now! :D

Resource Consumer
30-11-2001, 14:43:23
Got mine at lunchtime.