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Lurker the Second
20-03-2006, 16:12:23
The locations under consideration were:




Ok, I sucked it up and scouted out those bars this past Saturday. Now, the intent obviously was to get a feel for the Saturday afternoon scene and make sure they either weren't so crowded that we couldn't get enough seats together or so dead that it would be impossible for Venom to slip in unnoticed. The problem, perhaps not unexpected, is that it is impossible for to be in 3 places at the same time, so I can only vouch for the 2:00 scene at one place, 4:00 at a second and 6:00 at the third.

Anyway, Zum Schneider and Croxley Ales Beer Garden are both in an area of the city known as Alphabet City. This is basically the East Village area and is about a half an hour walk from the PATH station that people would use if they came straight from their hotels in Jersey City. It's also about an $8.00 cab ride from there. That bit of information is likely to be irrelevant, though, as I suspect people will already be in the city doing something else beforehand.

I went to Croxley Ales first, arriving around 2:00. The pub area itself was pretty full and you could not count on getting much space there, but the place has a big-ass tent outside that basically adds a large open room with plenty of tables and seating. That space is heated and accessible through an open doorway from the inside. They had a great selection of beers -- approximately 65 different ones from all over the place. They do not sell Budweiser, Miller or Coors. :D The place is mostly like a British pub and, except for the buffalo wings (which were good), it's menu falls roughly within that realm. Many TVs, all of which were turned on to the NCAA tournament games.

Got to Zum Schneider around 4:00. Place was pretty full but not uncomfortably crowded. This is a neat place -- very energetic with a brauhaus feel, although not nearly as large as the brauhauses I've been to in Germany. Beers and wines were all German and the beers are served in those ridiculously large mugs that we all know and love. (Smaller sizes are available for the wusses.) Biggest issue with this place was whether we could get a table for however many we expect, but the waitress said it wouldn't be a problem if at least some of us start to roll in by 2:00. They don't open until 1:00 and it takes a while for the crowd to build up. Food is what you might guess.

Last place was Fiddlesticks. Got there around 6:00. This is an Irish pub, much bigger than the other two places (well, not counting the tented area at Croxley Ales) and when we got there it was basically empty apart from a few leftover drunks from St. Patrick's Day who were still passed out under assorted tables. This place is within a short walk of the PATH station, plus it's closer to a lot of other bars and restaurants than you have in Alphabet City. Those are plusses, although we'll have to bring our own electricity.

Anyway, speak soon on this issue or forever hold your peace.

20-03-2006, 16:22:46
Must have TVs.....

20-03-2006, 16:25:42
must have whiskey


self biased
20-03-2006, 16:25:45
i should be arriving by eight o'clock at the latest. therefore i have no real opinion on this.

20-03-2006, 16:47:04
Fiddle stick is a gay club, isn't it?

20-03-2006, 16:51:10
They all sound good in their own way. I'd like to go to Zum Schneider in a way because going to a German bar in NY really appeals to me for some reason, plus it's in my guide book. :D

The "short walk from the PATH" of Fiddlesticks might be important if we have hopalong with us.

Lurker the Second
20-03-2006, 16:51:31

20-03-2006, 16:52:16
I thought you wanted us to comment. :cry:

20-03-2006, 17:02:10
I'm going to crack some fucking skulls when I'm not as hopalong as you think I am.

Except I probably won't be able to walk for long.

20-03-2006, 17:03:29
That's what I get for looking out for you, abuse!

The Mad Monk
20-03-2006, 17:06:25
Originally posted by JM^3
must have whiskey


Yes, how are they for whiskey?

20-03-2006, 17:18:16
poor Lurkie will have to suck up a whiskey survey too! :eek:

20-03-2006, 17:53:10
I thought McSorley's was also under consideration. It's supposedly in Greenich Village so the location would be good.

20-03-2006, 18:20:44
McSorley's was your idea, hence the not under consideration part.

20-03-2006, 18:25:00
talalalalala is a great song
lurker knows!!!!

Lurker the Second
20-03-2006, 18:28:01
McSorley's wouldn't work for the meet, but there is no reason not to stop there another night if you want. I suspect we'll be in that general area Friday night, too.

Funko, we had an x-post.

20-03-2006, 18:59:31
Originally posted by Lurker the Second Funko, we had an x-post. [/B] that have you again

20-03-2006, 19:42:20
OK, I'll just do some bar hoping on Friday night and vote from the Kraut joint for Saturday.

21-03-2006, 09:25:28
Originally posted by Lurker the Second
Funko, we had an x-post.

Yeah, I know. Just joking. :D

21-03-2006, 09:37:08
:love: I'm touched by the solidarity of the voters!

21-03-2006, 09:58:56
Originally posted by Oerdin
some bar hoping

my best wishes

21-03-2006, 14:56:58
Double that p.

21-03-2006, 15:57:53
No shit!