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17-03-2006, 13:08:21
Hilarious :lol:


When the New York gossip website Gawker launched its Gawker Stalker site this week, allowing readers to see exactly where stars had been spotted in the Big Apple, it sparked controversy as a potential aid to unsavoury characters seeking celebrities. Perhaps less sensational, but more amusing, are the remarks of the Gawker stalkers themselves. We reprint a selection below:

Philip Seymour Hoffman (W 10th St at 7th Ave, Mar 12 2006 at 2pm) In the West Village. Seemed to have managed to find the hairbrush that has eluded him at all the awards shows.

Drew Barrymore (W 4th St at Jones St, Mar 11 2006 at 6pm) Drew's outfit left much to be desired - oversized army-issue jacket and raggedy tote bag. She looked kinda homeless.

Ice T (E 81st St at Madison Ave, Mar 14 2006) Ice T and the missus getting out of a silver Bentley GT. Couldn't tell it was him at first - figured it was either a rapper or maybe a drug dealer.

Colin Farrell (100 W 12th St, Mar 14 2006 at 4pm) Walking uptown, kind of in a rush. He was wearing a light-coloured fedora and flannel pyjama pants. Kind of horrific, I know.

Claire Danes (E 23rd St at St Park Ave, Mar 12 2006 at 5pm) I saw her in Starbucks - she ordered a green tea frappuccino, BLECHH. My friend insists she was wearing ill-fitting Express pants and had cellulite on her bum.

Natalie Portman (Mar 10 2006 at 5pm) With an older woman. Did the sidewalk shuffle with her for a minute before realising who I was trying to walk around. She looked beautiful, albeit somewhat like an elf.

Lenny Kravitz (324 E 57th St, Mar 9) At Mr Chows. The funny thing was how many layers of dead animal he wears.

Adam Sandler (327 W 57th St, Mar 5) Having dinner at dive bar Kennedy's. Followed him into the bathroom and saw he does wash his hands despite his slovenly appearance.

George Clooney (330 E 61st St, Mar 2 2006 at 12pm) Shooting hoops with a friend at the SportClub/LA. A little paunch, but not a bad jump shot.

Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu (W 34th St, Mar 1) Drew, Lucy, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin at the Strokes concert. Lucy was dancing like a mad woman in a Whitesnake video.

Ashley Olsen (15 W 27th St, Feb 27) Crying the whole night because too many people were in her "space".

17-03-2006, 16:07:32
The Ashley Olsen one is hilarious.