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Immortal Wombat
11-03-2006, 06:04:29
The site, Lala.com, carries no inventory; it's more like eBay than used CD sites such as Djangomusic.com.

How it works: Users start by listing all their CDs. Then they look at menus of available CDs or through other people's CD collections, clicking on those they'd like to receive. (Related item: Kevin Maney's blog)

A request, say, for Coldplay's X&Y, generates a blind notice to anyone who has that CD that someone wants it. The first to agree to send it sees the address of the person who wants the CD, then mails it in a pre-paid envelope (which La La sends users when they sign up).

La La users get charged $1 for each CD they receive. They have to send a CD to get a CD, which is supposed to prevent anyone from abusing the system by only receiving CDs. Users are instructed to send the original CD, not a copy.

At launch, La La will be a "closed beta" —you have to be invited to use it until the site goes live this summer.
[story (http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/2006-03-07-lala-site_x.htm)]

Like a Listen With Prejudice, possibly.