View Full Version : "You caught me. I tried to (expletive) your sheep,"

07-03-2006, 23:32:37
Sheep fucking in the news.



08-03-2006, 21:12:08
I read this. The fire chief even.

Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I've never had the urge to fuck animals, even when I was drunk.

08-03-2006, 21:23:55
along the same line of thought...just with a different animal...

the way to hump a cow is not...
by e.e. cummings

the way to hump a cow is not
to get yourself a stool
but draw a line around the spot
and call it beautifool

to multiply because and why
dividing thens by nows
and adding and(i understand)
is hows to hump a cows

the way to hump a cow is not
to elevate your tool
but drop a penny in the slot
and bellow like a bool

to lay a wreath from ancient greath
on insulated brows
(while tossing boms at uncle toms
is hows to hump a cows

the way to hump a cow is not
to push and then to pull
but practicing the art of swot
to preach the golden rull

to vote for me(all decent mem
and wonens will allows
which if they don't to hell with them)
is hows to hump a cows

Lurker the Second
08-03-2006, 22:05:10
That 13 year old girl should learn how to mind her own business.

08-03-2006, 22:10:18
how exactly do you explain to a 13 year old girl what that man was doing with their sheep?

and you thought talking to your kids about drugs was difficult...

08-03-2006, 23:52:16
The Mesa Fire Department placed Johnson, on paid leave Monday pending an internal investigation

I don't see how sticking an endoscope up his arse is going to clarify what happened.

09-03-2006, 04:11:32
What's to explain? It's a pratical demonstration of how tab a goes into slot b. Or, what gift to give to her wacky, loony uncles and her cousin, Oz-Venom.

09-03-2006, 11:48:36
ewe, yuck sheep pedophile