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01-03-2006, 08:44:50
We were set to go into production tomorrow morning. And I was also told that I was going back to shifts, which would only be ~12 hours a day.

But our calibration software isn't done. And while we are heading into production mode this morning (in a few hours) it is with not near all the calibrations done which we would like to (also voltages and TDCs weren't behaving this evening, and the people I thought were watching them weren't, so we took 3 hours of worthless calibration data).

That means that we are still trying to finish our calibrations in the midst of data taking (this first day is going to be pretty crap).

And thanks to some problems with our spectrometers (We totally changed the TDCs we were working with two days ago, most of the bugs are worked out with these ones (very surprisingly) and they seem to be more stable then the others...) we are already two days late on our calibration.

The plan was to do the first energy for 5 days (which will give us a measurement of GEN with ~700 times better then the other measurement at similiar energies, which is currently the highest energy GEN has been measured at), but with all these delays.. and the fact we are still working on calibration, I am not totally sure what we are going to do.

Jon Miller
(we do have a few extra days padded into the schedule, but still it is not a good idea to use them all up at the beginning of the experiment)

01-03-2006, 08:50:59
I was about to calibrate

Not totally sure what you're doing, but it sounds the usual standard for today. "Never mind doing it right, we've spent enough time, just get it out there. The punter will only complain for so long if they find anything amiss".

01-03-2006, 08:59:47
Well, it is for us.

We are measureing the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron. (GEN)

We have a polarized beam at 1.5 GeV, 2.5 GeV, and 3.5 GeV energy hitting a polarized He3 target. (3 different measurements, the 1.5 GeV is first)

From this we get neutrons and electrons. (which go into a neutron detector, a drift chamber, and a calorimeter)

Everything that is not properly calibrated now means more work for us in the future (cause we have to work backwards, and won't have as good of settings for the data taking), and perhaps means that are results won't be as good (we won't have the precision we want).

Of course, if everything is a cluster fuck than we don't have any results, millions of dollars are down the drain, and I don't get a PhD.

The problem is that we have limited time.

Jon Miller

01-03-2006, 09:22:35

Here is a previous experiment.


01-03-2006, 11:55:13
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