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21-01-2006, 20:31:17
Nice to see we're all behaving ourselves, except for a brief gay spike about two pages back.
I'm working six days in the store from hell. All eyes are on me to fix a major "shrink" (loss of product to thieves/processes) problem that I discovered on arrival.
My store GM is going to get axed.
My district manager is named in a lawsuit r.e. the XBOX 360 debacle (forced bundles to eager 360 freaks).

Same shit, different company.
Is it too late to get a job in a firewatch?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-01-2006, 20:54:25
Ok, so your job sucks.

But there is brighter news:

Your old job sucked too. So you haven't worsened your lot.

(c) CNN

21-01-2006, 21:31:53
Aren't you getting more money?

21-01-2006, 23:15:39
So you work for Best Buy in Oregon where they forced people to buy 3 games if they wanted their preorders opf the 360?

Gee, what could go wrong there?

21-01-2006, 23:17:41
HA! I googled it.

800 bucks or no system.


What retards.

22-01-2006, 03:55:56

I had a freind who bought one for that much (with three games) from Ebay


Alexander's Horse
22-01-2006, 12:56:43
Hi Sneak

Whenever you post it reminds me of why many of us think of America as a kind of capitalist hell :beer:

Dyl Ulenspiegel
22-01-2006, 13:45:37
Well the retail business has a somewhat hellish reputation here, too....

Alexander's Horse
22-01-2006, 14:56:20

22-01-2006, 20:00:48
Hardly a reputable news source, HK, but yes...pretty much the "facts".

I will take my 30 pieces of silver until something better comes along.

22-01-2006, 20:50:44
Best Buy has always been pretty fucked up.

Do they still have the policy where their employees must go to other non best buy stores and track the prices? But if they know someone from another store is in best buy they will kick them out, take their picture, and ban them from returning?

22-01-2006, 22:06:30
hey mate.

good to see you back again

23-01-2006, 10:18:08
I thought this thread would start "...is it me you're looking for?" :(

23-01-2006, 12:53:31
Mmmmmm, cute blind chicks!

23-01-2006, 14:54:16
"I can see it in your eyes"...... that sentence always made me giggle