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20-01-2006, 11:26:47
Saw the trailer for this last night, looks excellent.

I read the comic years ago, it was great, but given the track record of comics turned to movies I'm sceptical.


20-01-2006, 12:17:31
yeah the comic is great.

I think there was a thread about this a while back. Is it on general relase yet in the US then? Think i heard it was coming to the UK in spring.

20-01-2006, 12:23:06
They say March is the US release date.

There are more trailers on this (http://vforvendetta.warnerbros.com/)website.

Fergus & The Brazen Car
23-01-2006, 10:05:05
Alas for Alan Moore, his works have not fared well at the hands of film makers.

I can still recall how when a film of 'Watchmen' was mooted years ago, someone seriously suggested Ahnuld as Dr. Manhattan.

'League of Extraordinary' was poop squared.

23-01-2006, 10:17:30
from what i've seen of the v trailers, my main fear is that it will be more john woo than alan moore

but trailers are often guilty of misrepresenting the movie in order to attract the casual buck, so hopefully this one is too

23-01-2006, 21:06:19
i would watch for any clips that come out...yahoo often times releases 4 or 5 before the actual movie comes out. in my experience, that helps me decide if i'm going to want to see it.

I'm also looking forward to this movie..albeit i'm still just basing it off of the trailer

The Mad Monk
20-03-2006, 04:03:00
B for Bastitch :D

23-03-2006, 22:29:33
I saw that last weekend, thought it was quite good. Got a bit of a head fuck on his first speach after the action scene, but it's cool.

Worth seeing