View Full Version : I Hate Tuesdays

17-01-2006, 14:30:20
And today is no different

I must of woke up on the wrong side of bed, because today just sucks, and I don't think it is going to get any better.

Fucking Tuesday

17-01-2006, 14:31:28
Go back to bed, roll over and get up on the other side.

Problem solved.

17-01-2006, 14:33:40
I should of, but I am already at work.

It's raining, the wife has a doctors appointment which may lead to an operation, a product I ordered may be in short supply, and my real estate agent has finally pissed me off enough.

god I hate Tuesdays

Lurker the Second
17-01-2006, 14:40:16
Beats Monday.

17-01-2006, 14:41:52
Tuesday means it's almost wednesday, and that's when Sawmans comes to saw the week in half!

17-01-2006, 14:43:04
jesjes holy sawmans.

17-01-2006, 14:45:39
I like Monday's better... by the time hangover wears of it's almost quiting time.

17-01-2006, 14:49:15
well drink on mondays night also
problem solved

mrG problem solver!!!!

17-01-2006, 14:51:11
I don't like any day. They all suck.

17-01-2006, 14:51:50
I do, but because I can't start until I get home from work I don't get AS drunk and therefor I'm not as hungover as I would be if I started at 10am... at church... with wine

17-01-2006, 14:52:29
Originally posted by Venom
I don't like any day. They all suck. do they swallow?

17-01-2006, 14:55:41
if suck means they suck shouldn't spit mean they rock?

17-01-2006, 14:56:24
I just e-mailed my agent a nasty message

I feel that I maybe shouldn't of done that

17-01-2006, 14:57:21
now i want to eat an orange

17-01-2006, 14:59:31
we have oranges here in my office

Morro Blood Oranges though... uck

17-01-2006, 15:01:09
only goths eat that. normal people eat normal oranges.

18-01-2006, 14:47:30

I think I pissed of my Realtor. She'd replied back to me in a really large font. I don't think she's tech savy enough to know what that means though. Still, she's done nothing and has nothing to say for herself. It was a bunch of gibberish. I have a list of agents I am going to call this weekend. That dumb bitch.

The wife's health should be fine

The product I ordered is more then enough, thank god

And the rain turned to snow, which is still a new thing to me so I'm happier than if it's just raining.

3 out of 4 ain't bad

18-01-2006, 14:49:04
You ordered drugs?

18-01-2006, 14:50:52
no, I ordered a disease

18-01-2006, 15:11:27
You're the disease. And I'm the cure.

18-01-2006, 15:17:09
If you're cure, i'll take the disease.

18-01-2006, 15:19:30
Add it to your others.

18-01-2006, 15:20:46
there must be an uninfected part of me somewhere

18-01-2006, 15:27:37
Your hair?

18-01-2006, 15:28:57
I can't be bothered to read any of this.

18-01-2006, 15:36:29
don't worry, it's about you

18-01-2006, 18:32:37
Then its boring as hell.

18-01-2006, 18:44:07
Originally posted by Japher

The product I ordered is more then enough, thank god

Penis Extender?


19-01-2006, 11:40:48
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit Tuesdays.

24-01-2006, 14:41:18
It's Tuesday ... again

I'm not in a good mood ... again

24-01-2006, 14:44:57
fok you!!!

go and annoy the crazy lady.
an update pleezzz!!

24-01-2006, 14:47:41
I like today. I got my new Spyder jacket what I got off e-bay for 50 in the post and we won a ping pong match last night, and have another match tonight. Yaaaay.

24-01-2006, 14:49:34
what a life
what a life.........w00000t!!!!!!!11!!

and then they say your life is boring.....

24-01-2006, 14:53:28
crazy lady update:

Someone put post its on her computer a couple of weeks ago

one said "My Name Is Mary" and another one said "Remember: after you shit wipe your ass"

I saw them and thought it was funny, typical workplace humor.

She worked at her computer for about 2 hours before she noticed them... she was mad.

Yesterday the whole department got a training on Harassment in the work place from our boss who is the epitamey of sexual harassment, so it was rather funny. Anyway, he said that there are rumors in other departments about "a certain member of the group", and he seemed to indicate that we started these rumors... When in fact, it is crazy lady being crazy that starts these rumors.

It's a mad mad world

24-01-2006, 14:59:01
Can you send those little messages that look like little pop-ups to others in your office? I'm not sure how to do it myself, but I know they're not e-maily things.
They're fun. You could pretend to be trapped inside her eyeballs, but she can only see your messages when she stares at her screen.

24-01-2006, 15:01:53
Net send messages.

24-01-2006, 15:02:58
dunno. could be.

24-01-2006, 15:09:44

24-01-2006, 15:17:16
Google it.

24-01-2006, 15:19:02
I just invested about $5k
in a couple of stocks
they'll probably all tank

24-01-2006, 19:54:19
damn boss actually made me do some work

I'm done now

what'd I tell you about Tuesdays?!

24-01-2006, 20:05:55
That you wished it would penetrate you anally.

24-01-2006, 20:28:05
I just got my gas bill for the empty house... $138!

I think there may be a gas leak there... and there is no one there to check on it

I called my agent, but then she's good for nothing