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Nills Lagerbaak
16-01-2006, 14:07:13
I watched this on the way back from Oz....

Now I normally find it very hard to feel the atmosphere of a film when watched in plane conditions, but this is genuinely unsettling. The perfomance of the possessed woman is unsettlingly realistic and freaky.

It goes a bit nuts at the end, but is well worth seeing.

16-01-2006, 14:24:19
Originally posted by Nills Lagerbaak
The perfomance of the possessed woman is unsettlingly realistic

said his holiness N Lagerbaak, veteran exorcist

Nills Lagerbaak
16-01-2006, 15:38:27
More of case of

His Unholiness N Lagerbaak, veteran receptical of Satan.

16-01-2006, 15:42:49
i don't doubt your anus is satan's receptacle

Nills Lagerbaak
16-01-2006, 15:54:05
Ahhhh, that's so sweet of you!

19-01-2006, 18:36:38
saatanical instruments cool!

20-01-2006, 23:27:18
I thought it was crap. Wasn't at all what I expected it to be, I wanted more of the possession and less of the court case. Best bit of the film was getting it on with my bf with people sat two seats away/

23-01-2006, 21:07:16
i can't watch this movie. the sounds she makes are too much like the sounds the dead asian chick makes in the grudge. i think that movie traumatized me

Nills Lagerbaak
24-01-2006, 09:09:52
Ah, that wiered purring noise? It'squite easy to freak peopleout with that one!

24-01-2006, 09:19:23
Thats a cool scary noise type thing. Something similar in the new Audi ad on the tele I believe.