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The Mad Monk
15-01-2006, 02:45:47

Spidey's New Costume Revealed
The classic costume is gone. Introducing... Iron Spider-Man?!
by Hilary Goldstein

January 11, 2006 - Over the past few months Spider-Man has been put through the ringer in "The Other" storyline. Recently the ol' Webhead "died" only to shed his skin and emerge as something else, perhaps more spider than man. It has been hinted for some time that Spider-Man would emerge for "The Other" with a brand new look and that Tony Stark, Iron Man, would be an influence in its design.

Thousands wondered about the new look and today, Marvel.com revealed a sketch of the new costume. Gone is the classic red and blue design, replaced with Iron Man's colors. Could this new suit also be armor for the ol' Webhead?

While there are still three issues of "The Other" to go and a couple more weeks to wait for the debut of the new costume, the sketch provided by Marvel is certain to polarize fans. Why make a change and, more importantly, how long will this really last before Marvel drops the idea and returns to the long-standing classic costume?

Check out the new look and tell us what you think.

From Marvel.com:

Word has been building for months now, and comic fans have been dying to know- what is Spider-Man's new costume?! Well, folks, here it is! Recognize the color scheme? You should, it's playing an important role in the future of the web-slinger!

After the shocking events in "The Other" storyline, Peter receives this new costume to help him adjust to his newest developments, as well as giving him some added muscle! Designed by Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, this new design has a few tricks up its sleeve. "The Iron Spider design- as I like to call it- came to me during a Spider-Man story meeting we were having, we were talking and I was involuntarily sketching on a pad. It's inspired by a sketch that Chris Bachalo did that showed a new Spidey costume with . I thought that was brilliant, especially since it echoed one of Spidey's greatest villains, and I took the idea and imagined it as though seeing it through the eyes of Tony Stark. The sky's the limit with respect to gadgetry when it comes to Tony inspired costumes."

Every "gift" has its cost, and this new look for Spidey will signal the beginnings of change, especially as it comes on the eve of the upcoming Civil War. Spider-Man has developed a growing trust and friendship with Iron Man, but how much in debt is Peter's loyalty to Tony Stark going to cost him in the long run? If the color scheme is any indication, well... Joe Quesada says, "I imagined Tony presenting Peter with the new suit and Peter putting it on and saying that it looks great but that his colors are red and blue. Tony would simply respond, 'My design, my colors!'"

What is it that Joe is talking about that's classified? How will Spidey's relationship to Tony - and the new costume- play into Civil War?! You'll have to read the books to see! But, it is safe to see that when it comes to this new costume, there is much more to the story! Look for the new costume to debut in February's Amazing Spider-Man #529. It will then be seen in the pages of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Marvel Knights Spider-Man in April. For more news on Spider-Man, the costume, and Civil War, stay tuned, True Believers!



15-01-2006, 02:58:48
doesn't he know to be suspicious of new suits?


16-01-2006, 13:56:33
Looks horrible.

They sure have strayed far from the Spidey i knew as a kid.


16-01-2006, 15:08:06
It will be just like the black suit, or the time he dressed as other characters to clear spider-man's name. Red and blue will be back soon enough.

16-01-2006, 15:21:19
lame, I really hate the yellow around the feet especially

16-01-2006, 15:53:44
Yes. It is lame.

16-01-2006, 17:22:21
Spidey will never be the same.

16-01-2006, 21:05:06
hopefully this one turns out to be an alien so he can beat the crap out of it.

17-01-2006, 10:19:12
I like to torn out spiders legs for fun.

18-02-2006, 11:48:48
It looks like absolute garbage. Wonder how long it takes them to bring back the classic?

19-02-2006, 18:58:12
It's hawt.

20-02-2006, 14:22:10
Looks like he's been doing too much meth.