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10-01-2006, 16:28:11
Recently our company has been acquired by Egyptians.
So all the announcements have now to be broadcasted both in Italian and in English (we got spared Arab).

Few minutes ago, our "IT Service Desk" (the outsourcers I previously monitored and controlled as a job) sent us this communication:

We inform to you that it is in order to be started a software distribution for the automatic update of the Microsoft Operating System.

At the end of the operation it will be displayed on the monitor the warning message (see the image in attach) of the happened installation: it is necessary to push on OK button and restarting the computer; this operation can also be postponed based on the requirements of the customer.

For any informations you can contact the HelpDesk by email or to number 6161

Instead of "in order to be started" the original message said "about to be started"...

I know I shouldn't be scoffing at their bad language usage, considering how you probably often laugh at or feel awkward reading my broken english, but my neck hair got standing up on end.


10-01-2006, 16:35:59
that's how i understand choice. one choice.

10-01-2006, 17:12:08
like the Team America song: 'freedom is the only way'