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Lazarus and the Gimp
09-01-2006, 19:08:27
Anyone seen this? It's a great, low-budget Brit horror.

Unlike most "horror" films these days, it isn't some compromised CGI-fest with a 12A certificate. It's an uncompromising, old-fashioned gory horror, with a really claustrophobic feel. Some of the actresses are dodgy, but there's a good lead performance and it's very well made.

09-01-2006, 23:18:29
I heard it's shit.

Walrus Feeder
09-01-2006, 23:21:30
Yeah, yeah I saw that in Manchester when it came out in the cinemas last year. I liked it. One of those films where you really wouldn't want to swap places with the characters - especially when they're struggling to crawl through the tunnels.

There was another film a bit similar to it which came out about a month later called The Cave. This was a bit more of a poor Alien clone though.

10-01-2006, 08:49:06
Originally posted by alsieboo
I heard it's shit.

The book was cool though. If inderdeed the film was based on the book, if it was, it was very very loosley. Not seen the film yet.

Lazarus and the Gimp
10-01-2006, 10:40:56
Originally posted by alsieboo
I heard it's shit.

You heard wrong. It came out at the same time as "The Cave", which definitely was shit- and the filns covered very similar themes.

10-01-2006, 10:45:28
i.e. potholing teenagers?

10-01-2006, 14:47:03
I watched The Descent about 2 weeks ago. Great film; it's so chlostrophobic and bleak.

There is only one male character in the cast and he's killed off in the first few minutes.

12-06-2006, 07:38:57
jesjes. Finally watched this last night. YAAAAAAAY :bounce:

Very tense exciting film with some really good brown-trouser moments. It's a bit gorier than I though it would be but very well done gore, thumbs in the eyes always makes me wince a bit, especially when all the shit squirts out. YAAAAAY.

If you've never been pot-holing, watch this film, you will never want to go.
If you have been pot-holing, watch this film. You will either never go again (me), or you grab a bit of rope and a hard hat and jump down any hole you can fit your fist in.

12-06-2006, 08:35:30
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
i.e. potholing teenagers?

Why does this sound like a porn site?

12-06-2006, 09:10:51