View Full Version : additional complications

05-01-2006, 16:59:37
I should have seen this one coming. My freinds don't really want me off the lease (they want me responsible with them..), but new appartment places require me to not be on a lease.

So I either need to change my roommates minds, or take another look at rooming with someone (this time I think I would check the local community college boards instead of the internets (there seems to be crazys on easyroomate and roomateclick))


05-01-2006, 20:41:47
I don't get it Jon

05-01-2006, 20:46:31
your friends are selfish

05-01-2006, 23:51:17
My freinds are agreeable for me to be off.

Now I need to try and get the owners to let me off in time to turn in the paper work by 5 tomorrow.

Jon Miller