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20-12-2005, 13:45:50

Somebody tell me where the "English" icon is. I'm probably too stupid to find it.

Mr. Bas
20-12-2005, 13:55:20
What makes you think there is one?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
20-12-2005, 14:05:53

English calender with links to almost exclusively italian texts.

Very Italian. :D MoSe?

20-12-2005, 14:10:52
we don't want any furriner pokin into our national stats!


Dyl Ulenspiegel
20-12-2005, 14:12:48
They're top secret, just like old rusting 10years not used train stations near Trieste.

20-12-2005, 14:13:56
trying to figure out why hot Italian women aren't having babies?

20-12-2005, 14:16:33
Maybe it has to do with males (un)fertility?
I always suspected I've been takin precautions for nuthing...

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Dyl, most never used buildings here are 16 years old: they were funded for Italy'90 WC, then the money ~"ended"~ before they were completed....

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Originally posted by Japher
trying to figure out why hot Italian women aren't having babies?

It's this I'm after: http://www.istat.it/salastampa/comunicati/in_calendario/forzelav/20051220_00/

Fortunately enough, econ-waffle sounds similar in any language.

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yum, waffles

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Aha! Turns out there's a link to an "Englis" version for the report.

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La popolazione straniera residente in Italia al 1° gennaio 2005
« Archivio Statistiche in breve
Periodo di riferimento: 1° gennaio 2005
Diffuso il: 27 ottobre 2005
Al 1° gennaio 2005 gli stranieri residenti in Italia sono 2.402.157
(1.226.712 maschi e 1.175.445 femmine); rispetto all’anno precedente gli iscritti in anagrafe aumentano di 411.998 unità (+20,7%), soprattutto grazie al saldo migratorio con l’estero (+380.737 di nuovi immigrati).
L’incremento registrato nel corso del 2004 è inferiore a quello del
2003 (+440.786 unità), ma comunque molto consistente. Com’è noto, infatti, in questi due anni ai normali flussi migratori dall’estero si sono aggiunte le iscrizioni in anagrafe dei circa 650 mila immigrati che hanno ottenuto la convalida della domanda di regolarizzazione in seguito alle leggi n. 189 del 30 luglio 2002, e
n. 222 del 9 ottobre 2002. La maggior parte di loro si è iscritta in
anagrafe nel corso del 2003, mentre nel 2004 le iscrizioni dei regolarizzati sono state meno numerose.
L’incremento della popolazione straniera residente nel nostro paese
è dovuto anche, in misura non trascurabile, al continuo aumento dei nati di cittadinanza straniera (figli di genitori residenti in Italia, entrambi stranieri) che si traduce in un saldo naturale differenza tra nascite e decessi) in attivo (+45.994 unità). L’apporto della popolazione straniera alla crescita demografica è decisamente rilevante, soprattutto se contrapposto al bilancio naturale della popolazione residente di cittadinanza italiana che risulta negativo nella maggior parte delle regioni.

In summary:

Foreign Residents

As of 1 Jan '05 there were 2.4m foreign residents in Italy [that's almost 4% of the total residents]
The increment over previous year was of 412k (+20%), although the year before the increment was even greater. Those figures are caused tho by the massive campaign of regularisation of "illegal aliens" which took place in 2003 and 2004.

Interesting comparisons:
Gender ratio
Italian residents M 48.54% F 51.46%
Foreign residents M 51.07% F 48.93%
THAT IS: we have more women than men in Italy, this attracts more men than women from abroad! ;)

Natural Balance (births-deaths)
Italian residents +0.27 per k***
Foreign residents +23.1 per k!!! °°° (=+2.31% due to *breeding*, the rest up to 20% are migratory fluxes)
°°°that means foreign residents born in Italy, that is *both* parents are foreign residents
*** in 11 regions out of 20 the balance is even negative

Thus: foreigners in Italy DO breed a LOT!
So, it's not the country's fault, it's the italian PEOPLE who prefer to avoid breeding :eek:


Any of you registered here in secret? ;)
Well, of those ~2.4m the lions share comes from
Albania 13.2%
Morocco 12.3%
Romania 10.4%
the others being below 5% beginning with China

for instance from
Poland 2.1% = 51k, 73.8% thereof female! (tha's why LoD went to Austria instead)
Germany 1.5% = 35k, 61.3% F
France 1.1% = 27k, 62.2% F
UK 0.9% = 22k, 56.5% F
US 0.6% = 14k, 54.6% F
0.3% = 7k for Greece (only 41.8% F) as well as for Netherlands (58% F)
6k from Austria and Japan, 5k from Belgium, 3k from Sweden
only 2 k from Canada and from Australia, and a mere 250 New Zealanders


curious about anything else Colon? :D

20-12-2005, 15:38:18
Originally posted by Colon

20-12-2005, 15:39:41
Originally posted by MoSe

Thus: foreigners in Italy DO breed a LOT!
So, it's not the country's fault, it's the italian PEOPLE who prefer to avoid breeding :eek:

Maybe they do it more than once a month?

20-12-2005, 15:40:07
That didn't interest me one iota. It was the employment report I was after. And I already found it. Including Englis version. All that translation work of yours for nothing.

20-12-2005, 15:43:09
it was of great interest and pleasure for myself, thanks :p

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you snore !!!!

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:slaps head:

you mean this would influence the migratory fluxes, or the breeding rate????

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in a biblical way

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Originally posted by Colon
It was the employment report I was after.

Are you looking for establishing yourself down here???????

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Originally posted by Japher
in a biblical way

dont forget I can make waters part, especially if Red

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Originally posted by MoSe
Are you looking for establishing yourself down here??????? not in the neighbourhood of MoSe.... he snores!!

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Originally posted by MoSe
Are you looking for establishing yourself down here???????

I guess not, if that site is indicating the average Italian's English abilities. ;)