View Full Version : Is RC busy?

19-12-2005, 14:39:37
I think he is planning his wedding and that's why he is posting a lot.

19-12-2005, 14:40:49
I think he's trying to ignore the bottle of wine.
If it's that much of a problem RC, send it round to me.

Resource Consumer
19-12-2005, 14:41:16
OK. The courier will be with you in 10 minutes.

Resource Consumer
19-12-2005, 14:41:58
oh, and I now have a second bottle.......

half drunk but then again, so am I

19-12-2005, 14:54:24
She's only round the corner you could pop out and give her one.

er... a bottle of wine I mean.


19-12-2005, 14:59:32

Resource Consumer
19-12-2005, 15:16:18
Tizzy, the courier should be with you in about 15 minutes.

19-12-2005, 15:29:33
Right about now then.

Resource Consumer
19-12-2005, 15:30:12
The bottle has left here - depends if you can really trust the couriers

19-12-2005, 15:55:15
so are you drunk by now?

19-12-2005, 16:04:33
Still no bottle.
I'm losing trust in RC by the second.

Resource Consumer
19-12-2005, 16:06:14
Bloody couriers - if you see a guy on a motorbike on the wrong side of the road down Whitehall then he's the bastard that had your wine