View Full Version : The Master and Margarita comes to the silver screen

19-12-2005, 13:17:01

The streets are expected to be deserted tonight at 8.55 when millions switch on their televisions for the first Russian screen adaptation of a surreal 1930s novel that features a gun-slinging cat and the devil as a magician.
Until now, it was widely thought The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, considered a masterpiece of 20th-century storytelling, was impossible to adapt to film. But veteran director Vladimir Bortko has promised his eagerly awaited screen version will stick closely to the original text, admitting to reporters last week he had put his reputation on the line to interpret the book.

it's a great book, i'd love to get hold of this adaptation somehow

The Norks
20-12-2005, 15:56:37
That's one of those books I've always meant to read......just checked my bookcases and I have it in fact, so I have no excuse. God I'm rubbish.

You might be able to get a subtitled version K-G?