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19-12-2005, 13:14:34
Good as always.


What on earth can I say about pasta that hasn't already been said? Not much, really, but I'll say it anyway. Always use real egg dough rather than Heinz spaghetti hoops and you won't go far wrong. And I just know you're going to love this chapter on risottos because I haven't bothered with any authentic Italian recipes and have invented my own. Chopped parsley in a white risotto with roasted mushrooms: yum. Sod the Italians if they don't like it.

The Norks
20-12-2005, 16:02:27

I thought it was his weakest book yet. I've moved on to Nigel Slater and his succubus twin Nigella.

22-12-2005, 08:20:16
he rocks

23-12-2005, 14:20:21
Do you cook K_G?

I was under the impression that M&S/Mrs K_G took care of your needs.

23-12-2005, 14:23:02
I often rustle up a nice K_G steak.

23-12-2005, 14:26:26
Also who are M and S and does Mrs K_G know they are 'taking care of his needs'? :eek:

23-12-2005, 14:32:14
Originally posted by novacane
Do you cook K_G?

I was under the impression that M&S/Mrs K_G took care of your needs.

true enough, the only thing i cook which deserves the name, is roast dinners, and then in the most simple way

but shell doesn't cook for me, it's all the other chores she takes care of

still that said, it's been many years since i had plate of potato waffles and pies or something equally ridiculous, craig

23-12-2005, 14:34:45
That sounds like "I'm out of food and can't be arsed to go further than the local shop, fuck it this'll do" meal. :D

23-12-2005, 14:54:05
Quite. But, lets not resort to food snobbery here. Essentially, waffles and a pie are simply potato and steak/pastry. I see nothing wrong in that. My diet is often dictated by finances. I'm capable of making my own curries, lasagne, bolognese, roast, fajitas, to name but a few. I am the modern man. :cute:

23-12-2005, 15:00:33

can you hear it craig?

it's the world's smallest violin

and it's playing just for you

23-12-2005, 15:11:02
I can :cry:

But who's Craig?

23-12-2005, 15:20:28
oh it's just a quote from some film or something