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16-12-2005, 12:05:43

Award-winning comedian Chris Langham has been arrested in connection with a police investigation into internet child pornography.
He was questioned by Kent Police 17 days ago and released on bail.

In a statement issued through his lawyer to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said he had not been charged and had made no admission to criminal acts.

Langham, 56, was made best TV comedy actor at the British Comedy Awards for the BBC's The Thick of It and Help.

16-12-2005, 12:27:07
"Funny Ha-Ha and Funny Peculiar" is also a book of misprints by... Denys Parsons as I remember.

So basically some guy has been outed for being arrested. A nasty media habit.

Some people have been arrested, imprisoned, condemned to death and then found to be innocent. Being arrested is nothing, being arrested means jack.

And it's so selective. Last (January I think) the Governor of Gibraltar was found floating in his swimming pool after having commiting suicide. He was due to appear to answer charges on an "unspecified criminal type". Did the BBC report it? Did they fuck.

Go figure what the Govenor was doing in this day and age to go top himself.

16-12-2005, 12:34:28
Wtf are you on about?

16-12-2005, 12:48:07
He means that the media love a sex scandle and we shouldn't presume guilt.

16-12-2005, 12:51:13
great translation powers
shame it didn't work with Darkstar as well

16-12-2005, 12:51:43

16-12-2005, 13:05:31
I couldn't be bothered to read his rants to translate them.

16-12-2005, 14:38:13