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10-12-2005, 16:36:35
Yes I went to see it. Which made me think about the novelty of questioning authority. When that woman magician says to the other old magician that he never cared for the ministry! It's true liberalism has some positives. And that girl with the greek name is pretty hot. I hope that doesn't make a pedophile. Other than that it appears clubs should stick out for eachothers members. Archibald! Because harry potter and the other guy shared the inside information. That bold guy with the evil agenda was very vicious. And 3 hour movies are too much for those suffering from agoraphobia or something judging from the precipitated exit of the girl next to me because the movie can't have been that bad. And Bulgarian?! That must sound exotic to the writer. The french sex squad of magic was pretty cool, should have shown a bit more of that. Didn't have the magic of the first though.

10-12-2005, 17:42:02
oh so in english it was called goblet of fire :o

11-12-2005, 22:22:02
:lol: funny greek