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Immortal Wombat
02-12-2005, 13:54:22
Residents in fear of 'giant rats'

Rats have been seen "playing tig with the buses"
Rats reported to be "the size of cats" are taking over an estate in Belfast, according to residents.

The giant rats have been seen jumping out of bins and even going into houses at the Inverary estate in the east of the city for over a month.

Residents said it was like "living in a horror movie".


:lol: & :eek:

02-12-2005, 13:56:27
Shotgun would solve this problem too.

02-12-2005, 14:01:31
send in the Russian Squirrels

02-12-2005, 14:04:33
fuck those russian wuzzz squirrells
the stars and stripes ones are the real ninja Squirrels.
American University in DC cringes under the tyranny of the Black Ninja Squirrel.

02-12-2005, 14:14:06
Originally posted by Funko
Shotgun would solve this problem too.

The solution to all life's problems.
I'll take two.