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24-11-2005, 17:42:20
I'm looking to replace my no name piece of shit power supply with something more stable and capable.

So after opinions on 4 really.

Antec Tru Power 550W
Akasa Ultra Quiet 550W
Enermax Noisetaker 535W
Hiper HPU-4K580-MK Type R 580W

I have never heard anything but good things about the stability of Antec supplies, but the other 3 are in the same price range and seem to be capable of doing what i want.

Has anyone used these supplies, had problems, etc etc.

It will be powering a dual athlon XP system with 4x512 MB DDR sticks, DVDRW,DVD 2x160 Maxtor drives, Ati X700 Gfx and 6 USB 2 devices.

24-11-2005, 20:16:47
I've got the Hiper and it's top class.

Believe it or not, it was the ONLY 500W PSU I could buy one Sunday - and I've never regretted it.

The Enermax Noisetaker JUST edges it on specs, but they're both miles better than the Antec or Akasa.

Active Power Factor Correction - PFC for short. They adjust voltages according to PSU usage.

What might decide it for you - the Hiper was actually designed in the UK for UK mains supplies. Unlike the others which were designed overseas and tend to be a little mean when converting 240 volts down to computer voltages (mean in current supplied, not in volts).

It's pretty difficult to understand the manual, but the gist is this; use the 2 pin connector for ATX +12V (and then don't use the 4 pin connector on the main power connector, because that's +5volts, not +12 volts).

All the other 4 pin connectors do much the same job.

24-11-2005, 21:00:11
Ordered in blue at total cost of 75.

If it's crappo then that 12cm fan is going where the sun don't shine mr cruddy!!!!

(no not mine, yours!)

24-11-2005, 21:22:52
If it's crappo, RMA it. Shoving it up my arse would invalidate the warranty.

Although seeing as it comes in a vacuum sealed box, it should be fine.

24-11-2005, 21:52:48
Yeah i did notice it came in a nice toolbox esque case.

Maybe the firm manufacturing them spend their tea breaks watching home improvement on abc as well. It's FREE you know!!!