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23-11-2005, 14:00:01
I've got a copy of arabian nights in english, it was on sales at a bookstore for 0.5 euro!
The stories are nice with all that eastern flair. There is zehrazad (sp?) and the crazed sultan and bad ginies and beautiful princesses (I make it sound like a porno movie) but I think it is NOT the famous "A thousand and one Arabian nights"

That's because
a) It doesn't say that at the title of the book
b) it says "selected tales"
c) there is no author mentioned!

Which leads me to ask, it is written from a very "Western" point of view. So what is "a thousand and one arabian nights". Are they folklore tales from Persia, author uknown as usual, or is it a book/play by some european writer?

23-11-2005, 15:55:16
I found it on the net. book (http://print.google.com/print?id=PzxDl_dzHv0C&dq=tales+from+the+arabian+nights&oi=print&pg=PA5&sig=iEqUH7j8jnzN9MahFh3zU5rXYHs&prev=http://www.google.com/search%3Fhl%3Del%26q%3Dtales%2Bfrom%2Bthe%2Barabia n%2Bnights%26lr%3D)

and an explanation here (http://www.al-bab.com/arab/literature/nights.htm)

Immortal Wombat
23-11-2005, 19:24:10
Does your copy give the name of the translator?

28-11-2005, 16:32:49
It only says one name, a certain andrew lang and charactirises him as "editor", does that mean translator? or editor of an already english text?