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22-11-2005, 19:35:39
The real killer from My Cousin Vinny was MattHiggs. -FACT!!!!

22-11-2005, 19:46:38
MattHiggs know what you did last summer. - FACT!

22-11-2005, 19:50:46
During WWII, MattHiggs personally funded and masterminded the top-secret "Pykkapora" project , in which he designed and tested a new form of naval vessel constructed entirely out of Swiss cheese. The cheese was not only cheaper, more buoyant, and more flexible than the regular materials, but could be repaired by an on-board herd of cows as opposing forces dealt damage to it. It also allowed for greatly increased sizes of vessel; eventually, a floating city of cheese was built, which was intended to allow huge legions of soldiers hiding within to storm Japan; due to every Asian's great detesting of cheese, the structure would pass unhindered onto enemy shores. From there, the ship could be reassembled and used as a unstoppable weapon against the cheese-fearing Nips.

Sadly the plan failed due to an unforseen weakness: the Japanese were able to balloon exploding mice onto the vessel, which then burrowed their way into the centre of the craft and destroyed it from within. However, MattHiggs and his thinktank later secured the Allies' success in the war, when he invented the nuclear weapon.-FACT!

22-11-2005, 19:53:33
MattHiggs was born with webbed toes. - FACT!

22-11-2005, 19:57:13
Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster once saw MattHiggs punch a building in the face, and then powerbomb it onto the sidewalk. This inspired them to create Superman.-FACT!!

22-11-2005, 19:59:54
Steven Spielberg had originally casted MattHiggs to play the part of Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: Episode 1, but opted for a computer generated Jar Jar when MattHiggs demanded $1 billion dollars and top billing for the part. - FACT!

22-11-2005, 20:02:06
MattHiggs' favorite song, Candle in the Wind, is also his ringtone - FACT!

22-11-2005, 20:03:11
Originally posted by Japher
MattHiggs' favorite song, Candle in the Wind, is also his ringtone - FACT! :lol: i bet it izzzzz

MattHiggs is the only person alive who can puff the magic dragon while actually slaying magic dragons- FACT!

22-11-2005, 20:06:29
MattHiggs once scored the high score on Spy Hunter at the local supermarket, but when the store manager found out he reset the scores and took the top spots once again. A week later the store mysteriously burned to the ground, but the Spy Hunter game was never found. No one was ever able to prove that it was MattHiggs who performed the dastardly deed, but every now and then, especially around open flames, people have reported that MattHiggs hums Peter Gunn; the theme from Spy Hunter. - FACT!

22-11-2005, 20:09:15
Amazing = 7 letters
Awesome = 7 letters
Kickass = 7 letters
MattHiggs = 9 letters


MattHiggs > Adjectives -FACT!

23-11-2005, 10:28:34
MattHiggs once had a dream wherein he had met his exact double. When he woke up, his pillow was gone -FACT!

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22-12-2005, 22:35:13
Matt Higgs painted this:

Lazarus and the Gimp
22-12-2005, 22:53:46
It's a self-portrait- FACT

22-12-2005, 22:54:31
that's where ben is from - FACT!!

23-12-2005, 16:30:12
MattHiggs knows who really killed JFk. - FACT

23-12-2005, 17:50:06
Matt Higgs is JFK and commited suicide - FACT

01-01-2006, 10:22:59
MattHiggs faked the moon landing - FACT

01-01-2006, 10:29:56
.. on his very own arse - FACT!

01-01-2006, 10:30:53
And didn't need to make any craters - FACT