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22-11-2005, 17:22:50
I'm trying to recall a series, and a particular episode, of something I would estimate I watched in the 70's. Might have been made earlier.

A sort of science fiction series, I thought it might have been Outer Limits, but a web search suggests it isn't. (Have yet to try a search for twilight zone).

The episode I particulary have in mind concerns a space craft that has been travelling through space for many many generations. The occupants, clearly originally from Earth, have been away from their home planet for so long that customs and beliefs have changed, to the extent that their religion involves the worship of the tree (that they have never seen except in pictures).

The end of the episode concerns someone breaks through into forbidden areas of the ship, and crash landing it on a nearby planet that is suitable for life. And the occupants that survive now have to cope with a very different life.

Does this ring any bells with anyone ? Been puzzling over it all afternoon, and on and off for much longer. Would like to place it.

22-11-2005, 17:23:53
Oh bugger the blooming typo :(
Why the title ? Anywhere but the title !

Nills Lagerbaak
23-11-2005, 11:11:53
Lost in Space?

Nills Lagerbaak
23-11-2005, 11:12:53

23-11-2005, 11:19:27
Nice try, thanks, but no. That was a serial whereas I'm describing one of a series of isolated stories, one per week. Its the only one I can recall in sufficient detail to describe. Been bugging me for a while now.

I thought the series had 'unexpected' or 'unknown' in the title. (Not Mr. Dahl's as far as I can tell, no female silhouettes :)) But I could be mistaken.

25-11-2005, 14:35:43
Fairly sure I've found it - description matches too well (http://www.625.org.uk/ootu/bbcents/bbces311.htm)

Series was "Out Of The Unknown" :D

Link 2 (http://www.the-mausoleum-club.org.uk/Out_Of_The_Unknown/series_three/RT_69_03_18.htm)