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The Norks
22-11-2005, 15:10:11
Has anyone else seen this film? If so what did you think of it? It kinda perplexed me-

Watched it with the boyf last night, and we couldn't decide if we a) liked it or not b) understood it or not. Its about the interconnectedness (or otherwise) of things and makes various philosophical points about that, but I just couldn't decide if it was genuinely thought provoking or just a lot of hot air and whimsicality. Jude Law turns in a good performance- smarmy and manic in his own inimitable way, and Dustin Hoffman is playfully shambolic, but the rest of the cast seemed a bit uncomfortable at times. Its a very dense film with a lot of ideas based dialogue being delivered very quickly so there's little time to absorb the messages, then again its about chaos...

Hmm... I think I liked it, it wasn't your standard Blockbuster, its ambitious and layered and I like the little touches (Dustin's blackboard of overlapping chalk squares etc) but I think I'd have to watch it about 20 more times before I could comprehensively say one way or the other!

22-11-2005, 17:15:05
You girls always have trouble making decisions. touche.

23-11-2005, 10:09:10
i thought it was great

i would say it was more whimsy than serious philosophy, but that still puts it above 99% of other films in that particular respect

fundamentally it's quirky, funny, well-paced and not overlong and those are all good things