View Full Version : Hello everyone. Another new poster here.

Blow Job
18-11-2005, 16:12:34
I know, I know. My name's a bit of an innuendo. HA HA. I've heard them all before.

18-11-2005, 16:14:30
how about No Job, which is what you're going to have when your boss finds out you sat on your ass and made up 100 funny ae's today rather than finishing that report on moisture accretion.

18-11-2005, 16:17:09
I'm sure there's more than one person making them because at least one was me but most weren't.

18-11-2005, 16:19:42
i wasn't being serious, just an opportunity for a fun rant

BJ Frank
18-11-2005, 16:20:45
It is probably a bad time for me to show up again but what the hell. I knew some of you back in the old ACOL days.

18-11-2005, 16:21:19