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The Norks
17-11-2005, 16:10:59
I've been trying for ages to get away from the scumsucking bottom feeding corporate hellhole whorehouse that is my current job, and after a recent fracas involving my boss I decided I'd had enough, so I started applying for jobs via the net about 6 weeks ago. I was expecting to put in a good 6 months to a year jobhunting as I was looking for a pretty specific type of role, but I found out this week I've got the second job I applied for! I'm soooooooo HAPPY! Its pretty much my ideal job, its a really friendly and sociable team, offers lots of opportunities for picking up new skills in my field, and its on a National Government project for the ODPM so its going to look fab on my CV. They tried to stiff me on the contract initially but I went back and gave them my terms as a contractor and they agreed, so I've also doubled my salary ! Its based in Brighton (funky seaside town non Englanders) so I will be relocating which is going to be complicated but I think it will be worthwhile, and I have mates there so it won't be totally alien.

I just have to set up through an umbrella company and then I should get the formal offer (have already verbally accepted). After I get that I can resign! I cannot wait!

I am SOOOOO EXCITED and I just wanted to share!!! :D :D :D :D :D

17-11-2005, 16:11:50

Lurker the Second
17-11-2005, 16:12:30
Well congrats, sounds like most excellent news. :beer:

17-11-2005, 16:14:10

Congratulations! Brighton is a lovely town too.

17-11-2005, 16:14:40
New job? That means only one thing....Can I borrow some money from you?

17-11-2005, 16:16:55

17-11-2005, 16:17:40
So what is it that you do?
like work stuff and all.....

Nills Lagerbaak
17-11-2005, 16:17:43
Well done! Hopefully this signals the start of good luck all round!

17-11-2005, 16:19:57

Woo, I'm really pleased for you!

Resource Consumer
17-11-2005, 16:24:56
Congratulations. :beer: Your success expires me on my hunt for a new job.

17-11-2005, 16:31:46
Oh I do like to be beside the sea-side .... :beer:

And so handy for the dirty weekend !

The Norks
17-11-2005, 16:32:17
Originally posted by Venom
New job? That means only one thing....Can I borrow some money from you?

only if you pay me back in kind :love:

17-11-2005, 16:35:06
he will be your :love:slave

The Norks
17-11-2005, 16:37:38
Originally posted by mr.G
So what is it that you do?
like work stuff and all.....

Commercial Officer, so its a bit legal and a bit purchasing and supply. This particular job is setting up a contract for fire and rescue services that will be gradually transitioned over to the Civil Service, so it has a project aspect to it as well which fits well with my background. I want to start the CIPS postgrad diploma this year as I can command a higher fee then and hopefully get established as a contractor. As my Auntie said its a great start to my thirties! I'm just a little bit terrified that I will bomb hideously, but I guess its natural to have fears.

Mr. Bas
17-11-2005, 16:47:32
Well done, Norks! :beer:

17-11-2005, 17:39:57
who did you have to sleep with:beer:

17-11-2005, 17:40:16
Mr G is right. That's the only thing I have to offer in trade.

The Norks
17-11-2005, 18:03:19
lets see the goods then Venom :hmm:

The Norks
17-11-2005, 18:06:22
Originally posted by Japher
who did you have to sleep with:beer:

Thankfully no one, but I wouldn't kick the guy from the ODPM out of bed for eating crisps.

17-11-2005, 18:12:17
Originally posted by The Norks
lets see the goods then Venom :hmm:

I didn't say there was anything good about it.

The Norks
17-11-2005, 18:16:47
thats true, it could be like pandora's box ...

17-11-2005, 21:05:11
Hello Pandora.

18-11-2005, 04:46:05
Good for you. :beer:

There seems to be a fair number of us who are switching to better jobs. ;)

Greg W
18-11-2005, 05:05:13
Congrats Norks. Maybe the new job will even give you a little bit of time to email me. :p

Seriously though, all the best in the new role. Glad there's some luck going your way. :beer:

18-11-2005, 06:13:42
Hurrah. well done Norks

18-11-2005, 16:03:27

Everybody needs a good job.