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14-11-2005, 16:40:09
The overall question is: Can LA do anything right?

For those of you not reading the massive SWG thread, here is what I have heard. There is another combat revamp going on in SWG. Why they would do another one I couldn' figure out, but now we know.

Apparently LA decided to make a power play against SOE for control of SWG (we take over or pull the rights).

This has resulted in quite a bit of shuffling of managment in SOE and a sudden complete revamp of the combat system (despite the great one that was implemented less than a year ago). This explains why the sudden revamp came out just days after a new expansion was released where most of the cool class stuff from the expansion is going to be removed from the game!

The game is now pretty much a FPS. Just with MMO level lag.

There are now 9 classes, one class per char, as opposed to the ability to mix and match parts from 20 or so classes and being able to master ~2.5

Apparently things like explorers, bioengineers, musicians, and dancers were not very star warsy so they dumped those along with things like carbineers (yeah, the type of gun stormtroopers carry).

Crafters are essentially unchanged and nothing was removed, according to LA anyway, except for the fact there is no item decay leaving no market and they removed huge amounts of equipment from the game (Lurker and Venom, please tell me they didn't really remove the T-21 and carbines).

The game is set just after the original film. You know, when the few Jedi are in hiding and the death star was just destroyed? LA for the whole development of the game insisted SOE maintain low Jedi levels by making it hard to become a jedi. Now the current jedi quest is select the jedi class from the list during character creation.

Thats right, everyone is a jedi now...

They also got rid of the jedi pvp ranking system. Apparently Jedi and dark jedi fighting is "not jedi like" (their words).

There is a rumor that the game is being ported to Xbox 360 and PS3, which these changes would make sense for, but no one can find any proof that this is happening.

Yay for LA!!!

There is more but I am sleepy.

14-11-2005, 16:47:36
I thought they were just trying to kill the game off..


14-11-2005, 16:50:17
Oh, 2 more things. One good, one amazingly ass.

1- They are refunding everyone who bought the expansion.

2- Bounty Hunters cannot hunt Jedi. Now being a BH means taking a mission, walking 100m shooting the NPC and walking back to the terminal.

14-11-2005, 17:32:28
That's pretty spot on, though I don't know what equipment has been removed. It goes live tomorrow, so we'll see soon enough. It does seem to be disasterous though. They can't even get it to work right on the test servers with 200 testers.

When this thing goes live tomorrow, there's going to be some chaos.

I'm planning on respec my guy to Jedi, just to piss off everyone involved in the game, even though I've read some stuff about Jedi being no stronger than any other class in the game.

Oh and the new clicky combat system has made melee fighting worthless,. but melee wasn't star warsy enough so they're probably trying to get rid of that too.

14-11-2005, 17:38:08
Yep. No swords or close combat in any of the star wars films. All guns.

Honestly, the biggest tip off this will be a disaster...

They fired Tiggs.


14-11-2005, 17:46:22
They fired Tiggs? You mean the only person who actually told anyone on the forums the truth?

Lurker the Second
14-11-2005, 18:21:57
Tiggs no longer works there. Everyone assumes it was a firing, but I don't know how that was verified and have no clue whether it's true.

The elite combat professions (Master Carbs, Rifles, Pistols, Swords, TKA, etc.) will disappear. You will, however, be able to use any weapon you choose as long as your combat level is certified to use it. In other words, a MCarbineer who is CL 54 will, in the new game, be able to use any weapon, including melee, that any other CL 54 can use. You have to give them credit, they sure took care of any "balance" issues by simply making everyone the same.

I played a whole lot over the weekend trying to level my first character up. The people who were in-game and who have tried the NGE on Test Center almost invariably said it wasn't as bad as people think it will be, but they also invariably agree that it is worse than the current system. Of course, that's not necessarily a representative sampling -- who knows how many people weren't in-game because they quit already.

Crafting will in fact change a lot as I understand it. Not necessarily on the surface, but more beneath it, particularly supply and demand dynamics and resource management. Cookie cutter resources will simplify the crafting process so much that it will be very difficult for master craftsmen to craft something that is better than anything anyone else can craft. Plus they already make the loot weapons practically the best you can get. I wish they would just make it so you loot parts or a schematic so that the crafter has to be involved. I also like the level of complexity the game currently has for crafters.

I will not be a jedi. We get 9 free respecs, so I might respec to one later on just to see how it plays, but I can't see me doing that as a final choice. Assuming docs get CLs and enough defense so that they can actually participate in a fight, I'll probably start with that.

14-11-2005, 18:33:40
"You have to give them credit, they sure took care of any "balance" issues by simply making everyone the same."

That's not really a good thing in my mind. Sure it may be balance but way to flush out the original gameplay of mixing and matching characters.

What I meant about melee combat being worthless is that with everyone running around and "kiting" as they say, you'll never be able to get in range and actually hit anything. Meanwhile, you'll be getting hammered by ranged opponents who, in the case of NPCs, currently never miss.

We'll find out for sure tomorrow though. Assuming the update actually works.

Lurker the Second
14-11-2005, 18:42:24
Originally posted by Venom
"You have to give them credit, they sure took care of any "balance" issues by simply making everyone the same."

That's not really a good thing in my mind. Sure it may be balance but way to flush out the original gameplay of mixing and matching characters.

Turn on your sarcasm detector, please.

Melee is definitely a problem. Ranged combat often disintegrates into a "hit the evading target" ordeal. Health getting low? Go hide behind an NPC so they can't target you.

14-11-2005, 19:07:06
You've been supporting the NGE more than I thought you would so I didn't detect that as sarcasm.

Lurker the Second
14-11-2005, 19:16:29
I'm trying to have an open mind. I don't have to like all the changes and don't expect to, but I'm hoping there are enough plusses to offset the minuses. The reality is I genuinely want to like the game because, like you, I've spent too damn many hours getting to where I am now, and it will suck to toss it all away over this "enhancement". I want to kill nightsisters, do the vette, and have a go at necrosis. I also want to finish the pilot tree and fix up the house with a conservative contemporary motif.


15-11-2005, 10:52:29
*hugs* guys and girls. =(

15-11-2005, 14:33:47
Venom and lurker posting like they know stuff!

What a craptacular thread.

Lurker the Second
15-11-2005, 14:48:20
SOE yanked the forums immediately. No reroute message, nothing.

15-11-2005, 14:57:25
:lol: Looks like a smooooooth transition.

Lurker the Second
15-11-2005, 15:11:12
Da big boys don't fool around.

BTW, at least one server is up already, so maybe this will go a little faster than estimated.

15-11-2005, 15:36:30
Or maybe slower. 1 server in 7 hours?