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Resource Consumer
31-10-2005, 10:16:37
I keep getting blue screen probs with my comp. Usually after it has been running a while (does not matter which program):


then a load of other crap followed by

End of Pyysical Dump

Any ideas?

31-10-2005, 10:29:28
It's a very common problem with no easy answer. It's thought to be caused by:

Overheating CPU
Overheating GFX
Conflicting IRQs
Bad hardware drivers
Damaged hard disk
Faulty or incompatible hardware or software attempting to access a memory location without authorisation
Problems with RAM

Has it only just started to happen? If so have you recentely updated drivers or added new hardware?

You can download Memcheck to check your physical RAM.

Make sure all your drivers are up to date and preferably WHQL certified.

Resource Consumer
31-10-2005, 11:18:36
Thanks Matt. I downloaded some Microsoft thing that did a check on the RAM and that was OK.

It all seemed to start happening when I defreagged the HD. That caused me a lot of problem when booting up - it would get to the desktop and then just restart. Then it got worse and wouldn't boot at all. Then, through elimination, I removed a USA/firewire expander card and that got me back to the desktop problem. I then reinstalled Windows while in safe mode and that gave me a "sort of" functional computer.

Apart from the blue screen that is

31-10-2005, 16:28:46
What it meant for me was broken hard drive.

31-10-2005, 18:27:45
Defintely sounds like that; with it happening after a defrag.

31-10-2005, 18:49:43
No need to defrag if you're hard drive is less than half full.

01-11-2005, 17:39:29
Yeah but how much porn did RC have on it. I'd buy a new disk pronto and back it all up quick if I were him. ;)

Resource Consumer
02-11-2005, 12:40:47
Now there's an idea :)