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25-10-2005, 13:20:10
Wow, looks like there's more $$$ to be made out of pretend places than I credited there was.

Gamer buys virtual space station

Neverdie is a popular character in the land of Project Entropia
A virtual space resort being built in the online role-playing game, Project Entropia, has been snapped up for 56,175. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4374610.stm)What's reckon ? Was this a shrewd business opportunity, or a rich individual indulging themselves ?

25-10-2005, 13:26:25
see some of the stuff here, same story but they upped the cash :D


25-10-2005, 16:42:57
From June !?! :eek: No wonder I didn't see it.