View Full Version : Anne Rice Accepts teh Jesus!

self biased
24-10-2005, 13:39:15
link (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9785289/site/newsweek/)

i'm surprised there's no thread on this.


mainstream horror/softcore porn writer turns witness, and continues to write "only for the lord." will this be the death of modern horror when all the poseurs leap on the bandwagon and imitate rice?

24-10-2005, 13:54:40
so she's traded one fantasy concept for another

24-10-2005, 17:33:57
No thread because its very old news. Its just the book is coming out now. Originally came out right after her husband died.

I may read it, her book Memnoch the Devil, if she had left all the vampire crap out of it, was a great and interesting concept without really changing anything traditionally christian. The bad part was that she put Lestat in it, I presume so it would sell better, but it really distracted fromt he story. A more recent book "Blackwood Farm" was great, except for the Lestat and Mona crap added in for no reason but to sell books.

If she takes the same approach to the Jesus mythology that she did with the devil, it could be well done.

25-10-2005, 00:36:36
memnoch was good..but it was still a complete knock off on Dante's Alighieri's Divine Comedy