View Full Version : I hate the NHS management

20-10-2005, 20:47:55
My other half was told she was going to get a big pay rise (about 7K) due to the agenda for change pay revue. They got as far as calculating the new wage structure and sending them out. Made our day as I'm on a training salary this year and our houshold income is around 20K less than last year. Now the management have decided they can't afford it and have pulled out of the deal.

As usual the headline jobs get prioritised so the lab staff get screwed because they don't get the press. At this rate it wont matter how many nurses and doctors we have - without any diagnostics staff they wil be sod all use. We are already having to importing loads staff cos the trianig wages here are crap.

To put it in context the big lump of polished stone that UCH bought a couple of months ago would have paid the salary increase for every trainee in my girlf's department for their entire training period.

Provost Harrison
20-10-2005, 21:51:18
Oh it is absolutely shit how much they pay people in the NHS, and laboratory staff on the whole too...