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The Norks
17-10-2005, 19:37:28
I got back from a weekend away and found my little Squealing hamster had died. I feel really bad because I knew he was having trouble with his bottom teeth and eating/drinking but last time I looked at him he looked as though he had shifted the blockage so I thought I'd give him a couple of days to recover and then if he wasn't better I'd take him to the vet. Unfortunately when I found him it looks as though what actually happened was his teeth were so overgrown he couldn't feed or drink, rather than there being a blockage as the vet told me happened last time. I feel awful about it because if I'd taken him straight to the vet he would probably be ok now, and starvation/dehydration wasn't a nice way to go. I suppose they are all coming up for 2 years old now which is pretty old for little hammies so I should expect problems, I just didn't think he'd deteriorate that quickly.

These little guys break my heart. Now I only have the Big Bully, Little Bully, and Moomin left. :(

17-10-2005, 19:38:16

17-10-2005, 19:38:39
Does Moomin actually look like a Moomin?

The Norks
17-10-2005, 19:42:09
no, and he bites. He also has a big wart on his head in between his eyes, like a unicorn.

17-10-2005, 19:44:11
Wow... it sounds like if you were ever casting a live action hamster movie he should be the evil henchman.

The Norks
17-10-2005, 19:48:35
pretty much :) Big Bully would be the evil mastermind, and Little Bully would be a stupid sidekick. He's going to be next to pop his clogs, his back legs are going. Sigh...

Lazarus and the Gimp
17-10-2005, 21:19:31
Get a tortoise. They live for about a million years.

17-10-2005, 21:31:50
Actually all hamsters go to hell.

Greg W
18-10-2005, 00:36:29
Bummer. :(

18-10-2005, 00:47:33
Can you ride hamsters?
That would be awesome, like hamster rodeo etc, if you can't ride them then i think they are pretty useless

18-10-2005, 01:53:18
Rodents don't normally live very long. It sucks and that hampster probably didn't have an easy time of it but they don't live long even in the best of times.

18-10-2005, 01:55:26
You could ride a hamster if you were a cricket.

18-10-2005, 06:05:45
How's that?

18-10-2005, 08:24:47
Poor hamster :(

18-10-2005, 08:52:11
Still now you can make jam out of him, and grow tulips.

The Norks
18-10-2005, 18:07:14
I put him under a little tree in the garden so he will melt away with the winter snow.

18-10-2005, 18:10:03
yaaaaay hamster are goooooood tree food. jesjes

18-10-2005, 18:30:39
Snow? In Bracknell?

Sorry for the loss...

18-10-2005, 18:40:33
My hamster is 1 1/2, Ive got all this to look forward too :(

The Norks
18-10-2005, 21:19:46
Its really upsetting, hamsters may be small but they are still pets and you still get emotionally attached to them and get to know their different personalities. Even the Bully. I can tell they're all getting old now. I don't think I'll get any more after this lot, its too hard when they die. It doesn't help that I feel this one is partially my fault.

Lurker the Second
18-10-2005, 23:09:53
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
Get a tortoise. They live for about a million years.

Yeah, or a fucking parrot, which not only lives for a million years but makes you spend an inordinate amount of time attending to its needs.

Provost Harrison
18-10-2005, 23:10:26
Mmmm, well at least dinner for tomorrow is sorted out :D

Greg W
19-10-2005, 02:14:04
Originally posted by Lurker the Second
Yeah, or a fucking parrot.Personally, I'd go the non-fucking variety. Makes too much of a mess otherwise.

19-10-2005, 08:25:57
We had a cockatoo when I was little. It was very old and shouted "MIIIIIIICHAEL!"

Nills Lagerbaak
19-10-2005, 08:38:20
That is no way at all to talk about your mother!

Provost Harrison
19-10-2005, 08:41:03
Originally posted by Funko
We had a cockatoo when I was little.


19-10-2005, 08:46:50
Glowworm lost another hamster at the weekend too. Poor ickle Doozer :(

19-10-2005, 17:28:03
Get a more resiliant pet...like a rock or a tarantula.

I couldn't even keep hearty fish alive for long (disease wiped out my whole tank).

19-10-2005, 17:30:05
o oooh rocks... very trainable

19-10-2005, 18:34:04
Each day I see this thread I think another hampster has died...:cute:

19-10-2005, 18:55:46
Wishful thinking ?
Makes a good kebab.

20-10-2005, 06:19:20
Originally posted by fp
How's that?

Jiminy can do most anything.

The Norks
20-10-2005, 14:06:43
to be fair, these guys have lasted a long time for dwarves. Their life expectancy is 1-2 years, and the bullies are coming up for 2 in December, while Moomin and Squealing were about 2 months younger. I think Bully may well be a superhamster, and he might live to be 3.

20-10-2005, 14:10:23
I will change my stance.

I hope that Mighty Pepper will meet your hamster at the gates of animal Valhalla and that they are great friends among the splendid fields of grass littered with the bones of cats.

20-10-2005, 14:12:46
the man is seriously ill

Lurker the Second
20-10-2005, 14:26:17
He just wants to make sure Pepper has enough food.

The Norks
20-10-2005, 14:30:25
dogs are usually a bit scared of hammies, they don't like small twitchy snitches moving at speed.

20-10-2005, 14:30:54
Just read this - sorry to hear it Norks... :(

20-10-2005, 14:32:06
Originally posted by The Norks
small twitchy snitches moving at speed.

that sounds like the result of watching a porno on acid

20-10-2005, 14:32:15
There's a dog/hamter jousting tournament coming up. I'm scouting for riders. Mighty Pepper wants to make a good showing, and I'm sure Norks' hamsters have the vicious attitude needed.

The Norks
20-10-2005, 16:09:13
Bully would take out a pit bull, I'm not so sure about the others.

20-10-2005, 16:11:03
Pepper would crush the poor sod !

The Norks
20-10-2005, 16:15:10
lol you haven't seen Bully in action. I have to wear gloves to pick him up.

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-10-2005, 16:15:31
Originally posted by The Norks
dogs are usually a bit scared of hammies, they don't like small twitchy snitches moving at speed.

Ever tested that theory out with a terrier?

The Norks
20-10-2005, 16:21:13
i nearly added that caveat earlier, but then i remembered that bully is the size of a terrier

Alexander's Horse
23-10-2005, 06:35:37
Do you give them hard food?

The Norks
23-10-2005, 13:38:10
hard food? seeds and flakes and chews and things yes. He had lost his front teeth though, although I never found out how, so he couldn't chew stuff properly

Alexander's Horse
24-10-2005, 15:02:38
try birdseed bells - they do wonders for rodent teeth

The Norks
24-10-2005, 16:45:11
i give them 'hamster sandwiches' which are compressed seeds between wafers, and similar to seed bells. I think it was just Squealing who had a teeth problem, the others are ok. I have to be careful how much processed stuff they get as they're very sensitive to sugar and get diabetes quite easily. Sigh. They're very high maintenance for tiny fluffballs!