View Full Version : Where is the Justice?

Provost Harrison
17-10-2005, 14:50:45
You know, comedy legend, Ronnie Barker, loved by millions, died the other week at 76. And at about the same time, Thatcher celebrated her 80th birthday and still keep on going.

So, where is the justice?

17-10-2005, 14:53:35
If you were God, who would you choose to say, "Hey come entertain me" ?

Provost Harrison
17-10-2005, 14:54:14
Fair point, I suppose it could mean God has good taste, and is trying to keep Maggie away for as long as is possible...

17-10-2005, 14:54:25
Elizabeth Hurley

Provost Harrison
17-10-2005, 14:56:21
What about her?

17-10-2005, 14:59:34
She rhymes with Burley